New Forum Event soon?

I really want to get the “monthly” Forum Events back, I seriously don’t understand why we haven’t had one since October. These really help free players earn some gems and I want these to come back


Why do you not like them? I mean, you can’t just say never without a reason

Every month. I want the easy gold.

I nearly stopped all PVP raid as the gold in most castles are not attempting at all. Every day, that fat lazy king just sitting in the tavern squishing the last cent out of his people’s pocket and waiting for a mystery gold chest.

@Woy I wasn’t meaning a festival. I meant a forum event where you get gems as a reward. They are supposed to be monthly, but we haven’t had one since October

Sorry I misunderstood  :open_mouth: :lol:

Edit: I never noticed a forum event before 

You never heard of Trivia events, poems and that kind of stuff? My team loves the trivia. We do our ultimate best to figure out the answers, it’s always nice to have some extra gems for the effort.

Yes, I can. 

Whatevs lol, you don’t have to like them if you don’t want to