New Fox Pal ?

I think there is a new fox type pal whose name is  Aput.  Its not the change of skin colour of other fox pal but its a really new pal. It would be under some test (Beta) _that’s why its _upgrade _icon is _off.

We stiil do’t know about it but we just have its image


Aput’s been the mythical never-seen critter for a while now but yes, we need more foxes, there’s just two now. What we DO NOT need are actually new pal designs (buffalo, octopi, spider, jellyfish…). Nobody wants those. #MuchSarcasm

we want a horse! on which we can quickly reach the gate without compromising our lives. and open CoF in happiness.

Actually three foxes, Aki, Aska and Janus. I don’t want to see another pal that deals normal damage - so boring. 

An answer from the staff is always welcome.

Answer for what? Everyone knows Aput is fake.

And everyone knows, Staff will not answer at all.

Because Alysea/Aether is absent.