New game icon/splash screen

Is it me or does the king look like he’s picked up a couple (dozen) pounds/kilos since last revision? No wonder there ain’t enough food for raids.

I get that it’s a different design/artist but dat face, lol, dang.

Stupid complaint but I kinda dislike the new splash screen. My favorite was the first one that I saw with the 2 towers in the back and the giant mummy and ogre who looked like he just noticed that one of his 3 roommates ate his Chinese food leftovers 

Please no fatshaming on the forums

Not really a complaint, more of an observation (of an inconsistent art style). The actual splash screen is actually kinda cool. Or maybe the old one has grown so old that any change is welcome, I dunno.

Maybe there should be several splash screens that are used randomly…

Yes agree ? my mates would be offended ?