New ''Game Mode'' --> Endless Tower

Hi There?

What about a new ‘‘Game Mode’’ --> Endless Tower. Different Levels become more and more powerful. ( Level 1-100 )
Rewards: Chests, Gems, Pro Chests, Uber Chests, Pal Chests, Gold Income for Alliance etc… Like Pro League just gettin harder and harder.

I know u made Conquest and I think it’s great.  I just want u 2 consider about it.

Thank you Flare Games.

How would this be different than the dungeon?

Well i would see this like an Arcade gamemode, where you need to stay alive the longest time possible on the same road

i see what you propose but this only work in RPG online. Where there is a Tower with 1-100 level. Each 10 floors have a Boss you must beat in cooperative with others players. Depending of the game. Some game need you team up with 30 or 50 players to defeat a Boss with over 1G (1,000,000,000)HP of life

I don’t see well how you can add this in RR2. its a online game but you idea can only work for solo. I find it weird a solo feature in a multiplayer game. Some game offer it but its designed for big Triple A games with massive numbers of players who play together on the same map,etc…

and make like Dungeon will be boring. So I have no clue how Flare can design it

If there was to be another game mode in the future, I think a live duel with another king would be fun.

@Madlen Thanks for that info :slight_smile: yeah I know maybe at this moment it is hard to implement. But it would be cool to have every week one event: 1. Ninja 2. Clan-War 3. Conquest 4. ?

Thank you again for your answer.

Endless tower is similar to Pro League.

Yes but without timelimit. I like the idea.

In my opinion, it isn’t necessary.