New Gladiator unit

I was always wondering why not introduce a unit that ONLY attacks enemy units and completely ignores ALL types of structures. of course u would all say …then it should be an ASSASSIN rather than a gladiator…but come on…assassin is such a hostile and rude name for a unit in a game where most characters look like babies…while Gladiators r soooooooooo cool :slight_smile:

Aside from the fact that he d be REALLY good in dealing with units, I d suggest as a skill for him to jump attack (Hulk Hogan style) and stun groups of units that are closer to him even if they are in the adjacent path, and then he ll keep going from the adjacent path to look for new units to fight. I think he should also be able to jump over barricades and blockades like the wolf. To add a funny note in this unit, I recommend when he reaches the castle gate NOT to attack it but to stop and start looking with anticipation for new enemy units to spawn (an animation with the gladiator putting his hand over his eyes and searching left and right for enemies would be hillarious) 


I like it. What’s he weak to, if anything?

Lol, then no body playing and every one start seeing the gladiator movement only

Mummy, and Mortar already do this.

The only way to make it more complete would be if the unit ignored barricades (Mummies and Mortars have to attack them to get around them.  But a Gladiator would have to attack them for the same reason. 

But an Assassin could jump them!  Where Gladiators are obviously too big and heavy for that! 


I don’t know about that, Isn’t this gladiator too much close to the Viking unit we have now (for the aspect) and as Maerique well noticed, Mummy and Mortar for the attack?

I see the gladiator as a unit that hops around the map fighting things. He doesn’t stay with the king or with the troops at all, but is highly effective when used to weaken/slow/distract enemies that haven’t reached you yet. But he wouldn’t be like the wolf or morter that both have to stick to the path. He would be very handy in L shaped paths because he could distract archers on the other lane so your melee troops can get through and so your ranged units have a chance to set up and attack them. He should have decently high health and an okay attack, but no critical weaknesses or resistances. Boost could be “champion’s honor”, heavily boosting attack vs monsters. He wouldn’t be OP, but he could be effective and very different from existing units. 

I don’t think Flare will add the Gladiator in RR2 because simply we have it already in Olympus Rising on the name of Warrior :

Also the fact I don’t think a Gladiator on the form of cartoon graphic will be cool. OR have also a hero who look like a Gladiator

Of course he can be silimar and different at the same time like :

Spearman and Knight

Ogre and Cyclop

Archer and Archer


If Flare add a Gladiator hummmm really hard to do. Must be not like Warrior in OR,not be like Vikings, not be like Spearman or Knight or like Paladin. So I have no clue how Flare can design it and be totally different of the others. Too much similar I guess





I guess u all have a point :-(…then how about this new anti-unit wont be a human unit at all…how about it s a new monster introduced in the dungeon…a VAMPIRE!!! the vampire will attack only units (not structures) and have life leach (like palads) and since vampires can teleport it can also pass through barriers and also attack units on the adjacent path. in the elite version it could also cast small radius black magic spell or hypnotize single units to fight for you. Its weakness would be pierce attacks, because they resemble wooden pikes, and it d be resistant to all others. it d be nice if the sprite is a giant sexy demon chic…like andariel from diablo 2 :slight_smile: …she d be a good addition…RR2 has no sexy units

I think you made the necromancer cry, go apologize. 

In all seriousness, rr2 should not have sexy units. There are plenty of other games that do that and there are kids on this game.

…u r right ?