New Helmet Gameplay + 40% Unit Speed Boost

I’m pretty sure this is a new unique item, but it’s possible this is an old item. Either way, enjoy! :wink:  



It’s not a new item, it’s an old one actually but really rare to find it.

Btw, if I’m allowed, I’ll just give a few tips  :stuck_out_tongue:  :

  • You’re showcasing an item perk based on the Hero scream (“Hero scream unit speed”), so you could maximize this build by using 100% scream instead of just 30%. Thus, using scream more often.
  • Using Ceres would probably be the _awesomest _choice, as it would speed your units a bit even when scream is not available. Also, I find fritz is a bit disruptive with cannons, as it pushes them a bit with his belly slide and may stop them momentarily from attacking.

Anyway, this is just my opinion, each player has their unique way of playing and not everyone likes the same combos.

Overall cool video and good choice of music, specially because I like jazz. Keep it up.  :wink:

yes, the helmet is old! (I made a video about him)

It helps in certain combos. when I switched to nemesis, I changed it to the starti moralе.

thanks for sharing)

Ah, okay, thanks for the info and the suggestions!!!