New idea 4.0 conquest

Here is a new idea…

STOP the horrible mess now, give everyone the rewards, and thank them for participating in your testing!!

I think we have all done more work in the testing of this 8 day gruel fest than the developers did.

So why not reward all teams that participated so they can all try the new items. 

And let us get some damn sleep!!

If flare did this then there would be a HUGE explosion here, cause there are so many players who devoted too much time to their alliance to make sure that they got better rewards! Awarding everyone the rewards just for participating is ridiculous, I don’t care how bad you think the new mode is! It’s exactly like the participation trophy crap! You play, you do better than others, and then you get the same reward. This is not the way to do things at all!

I know that this mode has been a bit frustrating and disappointing to some (more than 50% of the active members here, in fact), but giving everyone the same rewards would only be a recipe for more complaining

I know. I just feel bad for leaders that stayed awake for 8 days to be beta testers to get nothing for their troubles.

We did ok we will get some rewards. I know some will not. I feel for the teams that stayed on line for 8 days and dont get anything is all.

Yeah, true. Maybe, just maybe, for this first the alliances that lost should get a little participation award, just not as great as the teams that beat them

I don’t agree with giving everyone giving those boosts for free. My team invested time and lots of alliance gold. We won in a fair way. So no way other teams in our conquest should get all boosts plus all rewards.

What I agree is that schedule should be adapted. Next is war season, then 24-25 days till next ninja event. Do you expect same like me? War season, conquest, ninja, conquest,…

No way keenflare that this conquest should be played that often, unless alliance plus player rewards increase a lot and time required to play is seriously reduced (I mean max 30-90 minutes required, spread over whole day). You seriously can’t expect us to play that long for just a lousy reward. In fact we need to spend plenty of alliance gold, plus individual rewards are embarrassing. 

I seriously want another schedule, war, ninja, conquest, war, ninja conquest. And I bet a lot of players will think same. 

I disagree, I explained it here: