New Idea!

Just like food cost is lowered in certain war seasons, why not vary the insta-troop donation slots like 7 per hour or 10 per hour rather than the usual 5.

Did you sleep well?  :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m talking about war season conditions where sometimes food cost is 50%, etc. Not the event.

Any views on it?

I think these conditions would be interesting to add

Another Idea - Lets have one seasonal boost for the ninja/zombie event for 2 days. One day before the start till the 1st day. Can be prolonged till the end using alliance. Any view… And of course it will be a troop boost.


i like this one its pretty good

I got an idea 
        How about if a team wins a war the leader ‘’ only the leader ‘’ can give a prize to only 3 or 5 of his members.
            But the prize must only come from what he has.Only once a war you can give 3 or 5 or your member a prize and you must win the war 1st only.
                     you have an limit of how much you can give , limits and what you can give below.

WHAT YOU CAN GIVE                                                                                               LIMIT OF WHAT YOU CAN GIVE

GEMS                                                                                                                                            5

GOLD                                                                                                                                            250K

FOOD                                                                                                                                             250




IN a kings kingdom we can have something like a little market where we can enter and give the prizes above.
The market should have at least 5 levels .


MARKET LEVEL                 COST OF LEVEL                      HOW MUCH YOU CAN GIVE

                1 1M GOLD 5 GEMS , 250K GOLD , 250 FOOD , 250 PEARLS , VOUCHER 250
2 2.5M GOLD 10 GEMS , 500K GOLD , 500 FOOD , 500 PERALS , VOUCHER 500
3 5M GOLD 20 GEMS , 750K GOLD , 750 FOOD , 750 PERALS , VOUCHER 750
4 500 GEMS 50 GEMS , 1M GOLD , 1000 FOOD , 1000 PERALS , VOUCHER 1000
5 2000 GEMS 100 GEMS , 2.5M GOLD , 2000 FOOD , 3000 PEARLS , VOUCHER 1500


Max level for market level 5 you must be over level 25 and must fight in 1 war and must be a leader.

IF you guys need more info on this idea add me in game my name is Darren795


Let alliance level reduce amount of bread required in fights, need not to be huge, but a 5~8% reduction would be greatt…

And also depending on alliance tower, ~5% of gold raids (maybe before calculate the gold boost factor) be added to alliance gold chamber…

But might need a lot of feedbacks to make it work

Great idea KK. Think you should offer also gear donation. We all have useless gear to get rid off. For some players this gear may be WOW!

Well this is not my idea, it is Darren’s so credit to him :wink:

mine its all mine , I know this was a great idea thanks ed


Hehe, good luck with it Darren, I like it :slight_smile: