SHARE some New ideas…

For me i want REPLAYs

replay as been request so many time and nothing. Players have make demand to remove skull reward during War nothing. Players make demand to have Daily quest nothing, Players demand new units to have more diversify in the game like Dracula,Yeti,I don’t know Behemoth,titan,Robot or other new units nothing.Players have made demand to change War Season system nothing. Flaregames maybe just change matchmaking in the next update.

Players have make demand to fix all crash,bug in dungeon,etc nothing. Everything we ask Flaregames don’t listen us and don’t care what players want. Players have make demands for time indicator when you are raided to know what to improve and nothing. Players make demand to add new elite boost for Froster,Pyromancer or other useless units to make them more useful and nothing.

the only thing Flaregames add in the game its useless function that people don’t care like Lightning tower who just top alliance level 57+ can use them,new level alliance,etc… many of them are paid function or for Alliance Level 57+

Against look the next update I’m sure again maybe just for top alliance with Troops Donation and other stuffs.

Flaregames don’t care about low player,low alliance and free players

Look the un equality between : Windows Phone,Windows PC and Android User

Players have make a lot of demand but only 5 or 10% of them its in the game

People can try to make new demand here but i’m sure Flaregames will ignore that totally

lol this one its not really necessary but can give more exciting to play this game. If Flaregames can add in Profile if the player its a male or female lol to be able to flirt between players.

With a private chat and private message,etc… lol for talk about some stuffs in private or talk to someone about the game or the alliance,etc…

-> Just send friend request and ask if male or female lol -> solved 

OKAY that’s weird to ask someone are you a male or a female.

ok to be more serious lol I have a better Idea. Why not and I think everyone gonna be agree with me add a Solo Daily Quest and if you win you can get prize like gems,pearls and voucher depending of the challenge.

its not all why not a Co-op Challenge each week. With your friend or members of your alliance you just need to be 3 or 5 person and do together in the same raid a challenge by example : I demand Krman,Dena4,Edward the 7th and an1l75 to join me. You have 4 minutes to destroy 30 towers and units in a long design base fast as you can because at the end its not a Castle gate its I don’t know a big Dragon you must defeat

by example 5 level 20 : the Dragon have 40K HP and do 250 each 5 seconds

5 Level 80 : the dragon have 100k HP and do 1K HP each 5 seconds

5 Level 100 : the dragon have 500K HP and do 2K HP each 5 seconds

The Dragon can be Ice,Fire,Poison,Lightning,etc… If you have Fire Dragon bring Blizzard to do extra damage, Ice dragon bring Firestorm,etc…

If you win the challenge everyone got I don’t know depending of the challenge and difficulty like 20 Gems,200 Pearls and 200 Vouchers

If you have i don’t know : blizzard,swordrain and Sonic blast the others can bring Shield,Heal and firestorm. Your teammate need HP then use Heal,you need to be protected someone cast Shield,etc…

The next week can be : you need to be 10 players in Co-op to defeat all monster on the battlefield. You must survive against 20 wave of units and not only 8 units per wave like 10 or 15 units per wave : 1st wave its : 5 frosters,5 pyromancer,5 knight, 15th wave : 5 Werewolf,3 frosters,5 cannon and 2 Ogre the 20th wave : 5 Stunning Ogre,5 Werewolf,2 Mortar and 3 Surprise Mummy if you win and survive you got : 100 gems,500 pearls,500 vouchers

each week have different challenge

The daily quest solo can be similar but in solo a little less prize


This sounds like fun and almost like a whole new game. The Dev’s would have to work really hard, so you know you will have to toss this idea out the window, lol.



i love this idea


LOVE the whole New IDEAS ?

i bet you do

Flaregames if you read this here the complete list of what we want in the game for all the next update in the futur

  • Solo Daily Quest Challenge : To gain Gems,pearls,new hero items,voucher,etc

  • Co-op Challenge each week : To have fun with member on a alliance or with friend to raid together and defeat a boss or monsters

  • Remove the Skull Bonus in COF : Nobody want that shit and that scrap War result

  • New War Season : Something more fun maybe like Risk Game or something very fun and that don’t demand to be online 24/7

  • Equality between Windows Phone,Android,IOS,Ipad,Windows PC,etc… we want play the same game with all the same function

  • The new player can choose between The King or The Queen

  • Replay : Able to see if a player destroy us with just 2 seconds left or 1 minute left to see what to improve

  • New units : Yeti,Dracula,Behemoth,Cerberus,etc…

  • New Elite Boost : froster,Pyromancer and Mortar

let’s me think if I forgot something

Me I add

  • New Spells :

Fireball : Shoot a Fireball on a unit or a Tower and burn for 2 seconds

Thunder Storm : Create a storm for 5 seconds on a sector and every unit who enter be killed


i like all but not the third one but still i love this topic this must be in the next update…


you just made it better warriornator

I have problem to edit my previous post then I continue here

(New Spells) :

Fireball : Shoot a Fireball on a unit or a Tower and burn for 2 seconds

Thunder Storm : Create a storm for 5 seconds on a sector and every unit who enter be killed

Lightning : cast a lightning who make damage on the target but be redirected on other units who are close

Speed : Allow to move fast for 10 seconds

Rain : create rain that make every unit rust make of metal and slow them for 10 seconds (knight,Paladin)

Jump : Allow your hero to jump over a side (Becareful if you jump on the wrong side can be fatal)

maybe a ton of other spells can be create and that add a brand new idea

(New Set of Spells)

For 10 Gems you can reset each time the choice of spells choice

Offensive spells : firestorm,bladestorm,Sonic blast,blizzard,Lightning,fireball,Thunder Storm,firestorm

Defensive spells : Heal,Shield,Speed,Rain,Jump and others

Custom Spells : take carefully 8 spells you want over 20 spells

maybe just for new player because I don’t think restart at level 1 each spells can be good for level 90+

  • Possibility to write and send Private message

  • Add 4 slots units for 500 Gems

  • Add 4 Slots spells for 800 Gems

  • brand new lightning units

  • Add lightning resistance in Armor and Pauldron

  • Make the maximum at 30 path

  • Add 3 minutes for a raid like Dawn of Steel

  • Maybe a easy way save game if we lost data or we have to format the PC or change new device. Maybe a Save button that create a .sav somewhere

  • New scroll : Black Hole : Create a votex for 10 seconds every units who enter die

                     Warrior : Your king have a knight armor and receive 25% less damage

                     Howl : your king cast a Howl who afraid enemy



i want palladins to be removed from the troops acedemy and replaced it by Aether herself as and unit…

and in the spell i want toxic cloud removed and replaced it by a new one as FlareGames…

what are you mad paladin should not be touch

nice even better but too much

lol :slight_smile: Flaregames have now enough idea on table to do in the futur of Royal Revolt 2

what about a brand new idea…


Where there be a list of online players according to there own level, so we can challenge them with gold, any other new ideas.

Challenge should be like, in a battle field with no limited space to walk,

Fights are like king to king with there selected troops n spells.

SPELLS and SCORLS should be hidden to there opponents,