New invocation cooldown

Hey @CaptainMorgan, is it on purpose that the new invocation got a cooldown of 600 seconds? 

It is not even really strong to justify such high cooldown in my opinion. ?

I think the point with the cooldown is that it’s supposed to last the whole round, and they don’t want you getting 2. I’ve tested it out a bunch. It either dies or completely gets lost behind your army and doesn’t catch up until right before the gate breaks. They’ve gotta make it jump like a griffin so it can keep up. It’s a really really bad invo, not worth 25 gems. 

Damn!  Thanks for that warning.

Yeah this is why I wonder if it is intended or not, as it is not useful so far…

It’s simultaneously the worst and most expensive invo.

The only thing that could make it worse is if it had a shorter cooldown! then you might hit it accidentally more than once per round

This is intended, for exactly that reason - more changes and balancing to this invocation are incoming.