New items not shown during forging and not showing sell option

Hi developers, earlier I liked this game a lot but from last update I saw 2 annoying and useless feature-

  1. some new discovered items are not showing sell option (only equip and forge) and are also not shown during forging . Such items are only occupying slots and I had to use gems for buying slots for new items due to such unnecessary items.

  2. what is the use of providing option 1,2 and 3 for each hero…I didn’t find any special use of it.

So i request u to plz solve the problem of selling and forging of items so that game becomes more interesting with lots of multiple options for the players.


You have to unequip them from all 3 sets now.

We will definitely try to improve the visibility and functionality of equipping and unequipping items. It is not optimal as it is now, so apologies for the annoyance of having to unequip from 3 sets.