New Items set for Wiki

Dear oPelle,

there are new items set the blacksmith items set but the wiki page have no information about it, please make wiki about those items set.

Thank You

I think he has left updating wikia page and flare behaviour is responsible for it. @GalaMorgane Your team’s this move  hasn’t done good to the players. If you can’t have your own official wikia page then plz make that page of @oPelle official and provide him the informations. We need wikia for this game. Things keep changing randomly without information. 

I stopped wasting my 12h per day on the wikia since a while when Flare started to not giving interest and sharing information on what i was doing.

You noticed how beautiful is it now? Full of spam? it’s so funny :grinning:

Think it was their goal from start

as less info as better

you did great job, btw

@GalaMorgane, will Keen Flare and Flaregames share informations about the game to Pellez/Opelle for wikia website?

Trust me, it’s pretty pointless tag Gala, i sent her a private message for help and after waiting a good time before getting an answer, the results were pretty depressing.

It’s pretty easy to understand if someone cares of something. Alysea was more open, Gala not.

Will you continue to record videos in your youtube channel? In your latest video, Fritz beast (in Christmas and in Winter landscapes) was leaving dungeons. Janus pro pal arrived later.

I have poor quality internet,i take ages to upload a video.

At full speed I have 2 Mbps in upload is far great take me 1 hours for a video in worst case 2 hours but I am limited at 40 GB per month. So the majority of time I wait to be over my limit and my ISP throttle me. More easy. With only maybe 0.25 Mbps when throttle at 20 or 25 kb/s upload a video of 500-600 Mb take me 8 hours for 1 GB close 12 hours. If you want to reduce the time very much same if you play on PC, iphone or Ipad you can download on your PC the program Handbrake. When you reencode your video your reduce a lots the size. By example a 15 GB become 4 GB, 4 GB become 1 GB, 550 become 320 Mb,etc… this way you reduce the time to upload video on Youtube

In my first video I used AMD Relive but was not satisfy my video is not smooth. So I reuse Windows Game DVR who make huge file size but combined with Handbrake make my file very light for huge quality. I think that work great also for Iphone and Ipad reencode on your PC to reduce your size files.


AMD Relive is buggy its not really the game the problem. I reuse Windows Game DVR like I used 1 year ago. The video is very smooth and perfect. However never heard of WTfast maybe that can help me and my worst ping of 750 ms lol. I check that on google. Maybe I should try

i see, now i understand why you dont update the wiki pages anymore. but i really appreciate all that you have done in wiki for our community. once again thank you very much oPelle and kudos for all you have done for this community