New Jumper Tactic

Be aware don’t give pro-tickets away to new people asking for it they wil leave directly when they have one. dont waste youre pro-tickets to this kind of noobs 

Happened to us too

Why would u give pro ticket to some one who just joined ur alliance ??? I d never. Only to trusted players 

Pro Tickets are cash, so think twice.

Oh darn…you found me out :lol: 

another jumper tactic, join new ally few hours before ninja event end,  and after got all Uber chest from ally ninja reward, he will left in few second.

Do we have a jumper list which can be updated regularly and be available for use of any of the Alliance leaders or generals?

It would be nice if we could see how many alliances a person has been in within the past month.

@sunday9009 there is a list on facebook. I think a group on facebook who make a list of them. I wanted to join them but finally I have change my mind. If you know many of them you can join the group.

if you are interested and have a facebook account go on facebook and in search tap : Royal Revolt 2 jumper list

you can also find a old list of jumper but if you help them to update the list for 2018

Edit : finally its not really big just few name



Thanks @Warriornator. Will surely do that.


What would you do if a player constantly begs and promise to pay u back? Some of us kind hearted u know! 

Still no … if someone just jumped in and keep nagging for ticket… come on … really ??? 

I have applied and asked all my friends in game, but no one is a member there. if someone could help it would be well appreciated. 

My alliance : F.A.Q. 

IGN : C.O.S.M.O.S. 

Well you should have asked me ?

I request you mighty Lordpk.