New king of the game!

Either we found the most skilled player in the game or …

Near 700 points more than 2nd place - that is an achievement! :+1:

Could there be any other explanation for this score than exeptional skill? :innocent:

:joy::joy::joy: I know what you are thinking… I agree with you because I when I first saw that score, I was thinking the same…

Then I presumed that when the devs come back to work on monday, they’ll look into it and ban the most skilled lvl 81 player…

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Someone more skillful is hiding in the crowd.

He`s already gone.


“Omg flare isn’t doing anything”

its less annoying if you dont enter PL

its when a very pro person have 2 acc 1 pro and strong one just started he plays the 1st acc and gets some experience of the pl then plays the sec acc

I know… By “very skilled” pkayer, I was being sarcastic…

But it is not just about second account or experience… To get such high scores is clearly a cheat…


This is the reason why pro league is being shut down …

Its not only that … its the performance isses too. Pro league is a wonky system for many
about 1 in 5 events it worked soso for me the rest was lousy
I think part is the 32bit app in windows rest is servers and latency, mostly the later.