New King? Old King? Any King?

_ Original Post: Hi, I’m Ken. I’ve been playing royal revolt for a few months now daily. I used to spend a lot of real world money on the game but I haven’t in awhile because of the bugs in the dungeon. I am level 65 now with 2600 trophies, nothing spectacular. However I do continue to play multiple times a day. I am looking now to get the most from the elite boosts, but I want to stay in MY alliance. Again nothing spectacular, alliance ‘iNtEnSe’, level 7 with currently 7 members. It is rank 1478 with a 12% gold boost. If you are still out there looking for an alliance or need a new alliance, you should join me. I wont be bothered if you don’t play EVERYDAY. I don’t care how much you can donate. All I ask is to join me so the alliance can grow!!! Thank you for your time spent reading this!_







EDIT: updated September 24th, 2015

now level 55 with 60 members, that means 0 open slot(s)

52% gold boost and rank 30

16% tax bonus with 43 fiefdoms





Our alliance is a family spread across the world and we can basically communicate with anyone in any language!  


PM me for details :wink:


As well I have now constructed a facebook group to make communication easier! Just search intense!

In the facebook group I frequently upload commentated videos and base rates. Plus we host events exclusive to our members!  :stuck_out_tongue:


Feeling too small for our war opponents? Try out our starter alliance — iNtEnSe: Boot Camp :slight_smile:

good luck iNtEnSe from Valhalla!


see ya on the battlefield

the alliance is growing! we are now level 9 with 9 members! with YOUr help we can become even stronger!!

alliance just hit level 10! that means tough barricades for the next 24 hours!!


alliance still growing, close to hitting level 15 and unlocking the mighty elite ogre



I have also made personal progress aside from the alliance

I am now level 71 and stay around the 3000 trophy range

as well i am willing to spend real money on the game again :stuck_out_tongue:

Just joined. Great alliance, nice players!


now level 19 with 23 members, that means 1 open slot.

19% gold boost and rank 547


•••••  iNtEnSe  •••••

Can you send a newbie an invite. Really looking forward to playing with you guys. I’m YakuChan

invite sent


better join fast if u want to benefit from our storm cannon elite boost

join our team only if you don’t like to chat, don’t donate shit and are out for yourself only, screw the alliance!! Must have no sense of humor and be willing to never ask questions and stumble through with absolutely no information or clue of what is going on and how to navigate the many strategies and nuances of the game. Logging on once or twice a month is preferable but it would be beneficial if you could go inactive for at least 2 months and show no interest in bettering yourself/the alliance and honing your skills. Ploughers required because there is no fun in playing this game within’ it’s designed parameters and we would like to give gems to all the other players so we can throw more of the game out of balance then it already is. So please if you have no morals, absolutely no skill and prefer to cheat your way through just because you like to bully everyone and think that “your the shit” then please apply.


aaaaahahahaha… for those that need clarification, we would like members that would see the humor in this message and realize that we require and would like to meet people that would do the exact opposite of stated above :slight_smile:


ive just created a facebook page for the alliance!


PM for details

This alliance looks very nice 

------------------ My magic will tear you apart ------------------


as we enter the top 200 i figure it be about time we add some rules to the alliance, they are as follows:


  • everyone has fun

  • everyone should be trying to become a stronger king (i can help if you want)

  • participate in wars, unless asked not to :grinning:

  • don’t be shy, give chatting a try :slight_smile:

  • please join our facebook group :stuck_out_tongue:

  • we do require everyone’s daily donation to keep the elite boosts running

  • iNtEnSe is like a family, please turn off your “Alliance invites”

Could you tell more detail abt ur alliance,pls? :wink:

@ Domos what kind of details would you like?

Well, I want to know abt :

_ Ur member

_ Rules

_ Boost

_ Requirements  if you want to recruit new member


I’m really interested abt ur alliance. Thanks

we currently have 31 members. we mostly speak English but willing to try and communicate with everyone.


rules are already posted on this topic


we currently aren’t using elite boosts in order to level up quiker (will prob use some for alliance wars)


and the requirements are in the rules. (most important thing is you must be trying to become stronger)

boosted werewolf now active!! woohoo