New kings/queens/Clans

So I just checked out their facebook and it looks like there are new playable characters to choose from. I wonder if they have unique abilities, I hope so. They also state about alliances will be formed which is basically a clan function. I think people kinda new this was coming.


But the one thing it does say is “worthy kings will rise to new heights” which I find most interesting. Could there be a whole different leaderboard system, one that is not based solely on upgrades.


Is the “height” thing  meant in different context maybe a flying dragon or maybe get to play with grannys hairy beast. :grinning:


What do you guys think?

I’d prefer not to play with granny’s hairy beast personally!!

Wait… i think they put various characters only to “show” that you can enjoy the clan with other people, but if it is as you say then it is awesome!


… or heights could mean level 120 is no longer the max king level!

Think its just sneak peek for clan system and maybe new gender selection ? Plus chat feature.The new height thing maybe related to the clan global leaderboard and members leaderboard.

Maybe the new heights are also just a way of expressing that the clans bring some new rewards/features/competitions where well-performing players can rise either in the sense of winning some event/challenge or in the sense of getting up higher in the regular leaderboard by using the rewards from the clan features.

Though, all of your suggestions sound desirable and likely! :wink:

#Edit: Btw I like how the magnifier was placed on the last 3 letters of the word “together”… kind of like "wait for the new upgrade ‘to get her’ ", hinting at a female character being playable! :slight_smile:

i hope it doesnt get higher people are going to get even further from my slow ass leveling

Honestly I don’t understand this clan thing

I honestly believe it’s not that. That’s not interesting to be a selling point.


It’s the term “worthy kings” I interpret that to be either clan leaders “reach new heights” or wishfull thinking, maybe they remove/change the purchase victory so anyone willing to put in the time and effort AND SKILL can sit on the throne.