NEW KNIGHT ORDER1 and NEW KNIGHT ORDER 2 are recruiting people to perform better in war seasons and form a strong and united group of friends.

Our main flag is looking for active members at least in war seasons, you don’t have to be hardcore sleepless online but when we need your collaboration to get some skulls we’d like to count on you and we need daily donations (that’s a must because we want to have at least Storm Cannons active in the near future).

Minimum requirements:

  • 2400+ trophies (to at least be able to attack the weak targets during war seasons)
  • 50k+ daily donation amount (we want to give you full-time boosts someday)
  • Active during war seasons (at least the top 3 successful attacks on each battle)
  • English speaking (doesn’t need to be native)

Current status (Main alliance):

  • Level: 24
  • Active boosts: none, only during war seasons
  • Donation capacity: 1,436k

Our academy is accepting new members without restrictions, if you’re new to this game and want to be part of a group that’s focused on training new knights you’re welcome to join us there, and when you’re ready you can be promoted to the main alliance if you wish to. The only requirement is the language, we prefer english speaking players (doesn’t need to be native also).

Thank you and good game everyone. :grinning: