NEW KNIGHT ORDER1 * Level 44 * English+ * All Active Players Welcome *

We are looking for active players of any level. All are welcome. We are mostly English speaking but we also have Italian, Spanish, Danish speakers. Several of us are from North America but we also have European players and some from around the world.

We know real life happens so there might be times you can’t play. Just let us know beforehand and all is good. Otherwise, we expect donations and participation in wars and conquests.

Look for axe raider or Fundin Strongarm in-game for an invite.

We are still looking for active players of all levels. Mostly English speaking but have a few European players and we can speak a few different languages.

As mentioned - activity important for us. If you have a vacation or emergency, no problem. We understand. Just let us know beforehand.

Good luck and happy gaming!