New Landscape : Cherry Blossom

It has been a very long time since we got a new good landscape**(except the Pro Landscape which only few can get)**. So its time to have a brand beautiful lanscape for kings and especially queens.

It is called  Cherry Blossom  landscape and you can see its picture below or search it. Its time in game should be like in between of afternoon and evening and before winter, like winter is going to start.

It should be updated in game at the real time of Cherry Blossom season, till then Developers should make it.


Was waiting for someone to say this. I would just go one step further and add interactive landscapes that do damage also. Like vines that come out and grab troops. 

OH! OOH! Like landscapes have an active function instead of just making it impossible to see! That’d be so cool! Lava fields that melt troops, avalanches that freeze them, Merry Men in the woods, Ninjas in cherry trees… The possibilities are next to endless.

Although I like the cherry blossom theme and the season changes in landscapes ideas (night/day cycle too?), how about giving EVERYTHING a theme? Like have different design for buildings and troops for different themes?


I love this idea for a Terrain! 


I’ve been posting about that since 2015!




Well we all know flare is that impenetrable mountain that needs A LOT of time until the raging river of suggestions finally erodes it. Really A LOT of time… Or a crack somewhere in the solid rock (like be randomly noticed by an influential flare person that just randomly dropped by to the site and saw the idea and liked it). :slightly_frowning_face: :angry:

It could also be Landscape to earn in Festival…

You should go and vote up your choice that which Festivals do you want to be introduced in RR2  :-


u mean special offer… 


No. I am not talking about to earn by real money. It,s about earning by playing.

you can unlock all landscape for free. Maybe a trick no one know. but the game rewards you by unlocking for free landscape. This way I have unlock all of them. 150 gems its ridiculous when you can have them all for free