New landscapes

I like changing my castle to suit the seasons. So for:

spring we have highland meadow,

for summer we have haunted Forest

For autumn, we have Autumn glade 

For winter we have northlands.

How about a rainy landscape? There are many countries that have prolonged rainy seasons.

Maybe one day, we are not reluctant to adding new landscapes, but it is not a priority right now.

adding new landscapes is a nice idea, but at the Moment we have 10 + 1 Pro scapes

i agree with Madlen, low priorty right now

what about swamp?

True, I have them all, except the pro landscape. They could easily add the pirate landscape from the event, maybe you unlock it by getting to the last boat in the event.

YES! Thank you! I’ve always wanted to have both the pirate ship and island landscape from the ninja event. I even suggested it a few years back. This would be an amazing add to the game!