new league to the game

Hi all


Sounds from the 2000k trophy range till almost 4000k trophy range for most of players, its near impossible to get even for top three in the diamond league because of the top player can have more skulls more than any one in the range i mention


my trophy range ~3400 i got second rank twice since i joined the diamond league


is so impossible while upgrading farms and hard with farms  to get enough skulls to even compete to the first place


so i suggest add new league with only one to win also with 750 gems for first place


and maintain the diamond league just like how it is

Friend that league which you are suggesting will also played by high level kings who have medal what change it gonna make.even those 750 gems will attract more high level players.

@theultimate you really should not expect to win the highest league in the game while a farm is upgrading…


the top 1000 ranked players in the game also receive a medal bonus. that makes it easier to get high scores in tournaments.


I am in the top 1000 and I still prefer to lose diamond and just win platinum…

the suggest is to separate the top 3000 players into anther league give 3000~ trophy chance to win some gems even not winning the league … and the new league will be easier to lose than the diamond


i don’t want to win the diamond league !!! i want to get rid of the 8 gems stuck that i encounter and the 20k trophy gap between me and the top 3 players at most of the time


high level kings will not understand the feeling to stuck in 15k ~ 20k trophy which most of the times bring you 8 gems … not losing not winning … just time pass


actually i said its impossible to win with farm upgrade … and hard to win even with farms

so battle bit less for 3 days… you will fall back to platinum

I would suggest an alternative way to do diamond league, i don’t like jump in a diamond league where there are all tough players (which fight among themself for the first place doing thousand of medals) and since i can’t do nothing because maybe my medals that i can find from opponents are low or other problems, i can’t win it so i have to wait 3 days before the league end, to get only 8 gems… it’s ridiculus  :slightly_frowning_face:

just fix the matching system. you can enter a leageu with players of equal strength etc . when i am in a league with top player i Always loose and become 2nd or 3th. with huge difference,

so do better matching and put high level king in same league so they have some competition,

and lower players with lower players etc , same with war . put high level alliances in 1 war and low level allies in 1 war etc . so we Always have a fair chance to win something.

Concerning player lvl… I already faced many diamond league instances where I got my ass kicked by some heavily silo-refilling or video-watching low-lvl players, so I’m not sure how much it would help to introduce matchmaking by level… there’ll always be people that can get more medals per raid or make more raids per day than you, and some that can get less. 


Though, it is true, it can be hard to rank high on a diamond league, and most players will end up with 8 gems… and even getting ranked 2nd is already way less rewarding than a 1st place on platinum league, despite it’s harder. Getting stuck forever in the diamond league middle ground with 2.7 gems per day can be frustrating. 


Suggestion: Increase rewards for 2nd to 5th place to something a bit higher, and also increase rewards for place 6-9 (those who currently perform well enough to stay in diamond league, but still only receive 8 gems for their efforts) to something more useful. Currently, my honest opinion is: If you can’t reach at least rank 4-5 (38 gems) is to just stop fighting at all and aim for rank 10-15, thus going down to platinum league for next tournament, giving you the chance to score well in this easier league next time. Or, for short, currently last ranks of diamond league are more rewarding than middle ranks.