New level for defensive waves

It seems odd that most things get an extra level in defense, except for defensive wave.


Please add one more level, give it a +2 morale with an additional 2 slots. Thank you.

Hell no. 

I would suggest plz add something new and different inspite of this. 

All know this is the most time taking task in game to max out.

To max out all 46 morale is already a problem. Mainly when after 42 it goes only +1 in place of +2.

Most of the time players can’t take advantage of events as flare releases event banner just before 24hr. How the hell player will be able to take advantage of that not having any cancel button.

Stop suggesting more levels of defense,more hero level, more wave level and stop ask for nerf,etc… Why are you stubborn to destroy the fun of all others players in the game? What your goal? I try to understand over 1 year but still don’t get it and why specifically since version 3.9.0 you suggest stuffs again and again who only please yourself or maybe top players? if you are annoyed or find the game boring at this point and have nothing to do please do like Opelle and others and leave RR2 for good but please stop to destroy the fun of all the others.With your nerf or more level stuffs

No I still don’t have swallow you have create a long list of all nerfs stuffs few month ago and Flare did it and listen you. You have kill Hammerstrike,the balance of the game and probably kill RR2

Why cannot you do like the others and suggest stuffs and feature for all people here like Awesomestknightest do or like me do or the others with Pal hut, Equip all function,etc… suggest thing who will bring fun to everyone and not just yourself or top players

Here just questioning when I see your topic each time. Do you have pleasure to see the others suffer? Do you have fun to see someone take not just 1 year but 2 and 3 years to max all? You are sadistic you know it? This make you happy right? to see the others suffering in RR2 and see they have no more fun?

I just want to bring some fact nothing more

So if I make a recap of your suggestions who probably have kill RR2 for good :

  • Knight should be weakness to poison at 100% (Thanks god Flare don’t have listen you)

  • Hero level cap should pass level 130 to 140 ( thaks god Flare don’t have listen you)

  • Wave up 46 to 50+ (Hope Flare will not listen this)

and many more of this kind over 1 year

I just don’t get it why you do that? what your goal?

nothing personal of course just when i see someone attacking and destroying RR2 than suggest thing to improve it. Sorry I most interfere here. I will not let’s someone destroy RR2 because this person find RR2 boring,annoying and have nothing to do. RR2 is a part of my life. I play over 3 years now. 

Maybe in top when you play RR2 you sleeping and find boring the game if its the case. Your time is over in RR2

So no we don’t want this and no one want this. Not in the past, not in the present in never same in the future of RR2

so everyone who make suggestion about Waves level, units,spells level,etc… I will interfere and will say a big NO. New players suffer already of all the +1 level over 2 years and +1 level of building and more. they don’t need to suffer again with more +1 level. So no all of this stuffs is a big NO. NO NO NO NO NO NO and NO WAY


PS : If RR2 is no more a game you enjoy then you see my list of suggestion of mobiles in OFF topic. Maybe one of those games can please you







It’s the suggestion section. I suggest whatever I want. It’s up to Flare whether they want to implement it. Why are you so worked up? lol

I laughed so badly when I read this

You’re really a strange guy Warrior…

You refuse a suggestion to increase the max level…

When you left your old high level account, so you could start leveling up another account… FROM SCRATCH!

If you really like leveling that much… Why do you say “NO” to his suggestion?

It makes no sense!


Double standards man… Double standards…

PS: I kinda understand Lacuna, despite not being max level. At that point he basically has nothing to work up for.

So he just wants something to farm, nothing else.

Having said that, I still don’t agree with the extra wave levels, but I’m fine with the extra hero levels.

I’ve had so many disagreements in this forum. It’s a suggestion section, surely there will be people who have suggestions you don’t like.


However, Warriornator is the only one who throws tantrum and insult those who disagrees with him here in this forum =D

Hi LacunaC,

Thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:


@Warriornator whilst I understand this is an emotional topic for many