new levels in ninjas event means new units/towers in it?


Following the last server update, the note states that the will be 2 new levels in ninjas event.

I don’t see any other means to add levels except if the new units and towers are now included in the event…?

Other concerns, the required amount of coins for the defensive ninjas will increase too…?


So it’s now 32 islands instead of 30? Oh lawd… :slightly_frowning_face:

Ed: Looked closer at the announcement and it seems more to indicate the total number of allowed battles will be 32, there will still be 30 islands as before. Until staff explains more explicitly what that meant.

Btw, why not leave total battles at 30 and get rid on one set of islands instead (that’d be 25, I think)? I mean, until you get to island 26 the event is impossibly boring, why must it drag for so long? But I digress…

its 2 extra battles,i think its for compensating things…if game crashed during ninja raid,these extra battles might help,.i may be wrong,

only flare ppl can tell what it is correctly,or we have to wait for 1 day,tmr we will know what it is.

@FTB, @flaretara, any info please? :slight_smile:


Hello, It is simply 2 extra tries. You still have 30 islands! But now more chances than before :slight_smile:

Thank you Flotha. :slight_smile:

In other words, less pressure.

ah ok thanks for the info @FTB

by the way, is there any plan to change the islands…? cause it s getting kinda boring…stressful in last levels but still boring.

So eveeyone will have 1 place.

better way to do- just give everyone their prizes

i dont think everybody will have first place, it will be harder than before, sure thing some balisttik tower at the gate. or i dont know lol but when flare do something nice, we can expect something “strange” that will come with it. lol

I agree. It’ll save everybody plenty of time that can be spent more productively.

In other words, they can’t figure out how to make up for the crashes, so they decided just to add two more opportunities so people won’t complain.

Pretty much, provided you can actually make it to those extra opportunities without running out of battles beforehand.

Personally, I really like this change.  Given that the rewards are so skewed that anything less than 100% gives significantly fewer rewards, it means that there’s zero tolerance for any issue of any kind - whether that a minor screw up in your game play, or a random network hiccup/disconnect, or a system issue on Flare’s side.  Giving some padding here gives a decent amount of tolerance to all of these issues and I think it’s great.  In addition, I’m actually much more likely to stay in my “real” bracket based on my actual trophies rather than having to drop trophies before the start of each of these events to ensure I can get 100%.  Having 2 extra attempts will probably be enough that I should still be able to get 100% on my real bracket. 

That said, I still think they should change the reward structure.  e.g. getting > 95% gives some set of rewards, 90-95% gives another, 85-90% gives another.  That there’s no longer a huge difference between perfect and less than perfect.

I wonder - is that an actual, long-coming improvement to the Ninja Event, or just a temporary solution to help players out versus the constant game crashes that’ve been happening in the last 2 weeks?

Very sad. No announce is made in the game. When I check in the leaderboard where I am many don’t know they have 2 more chances and can retry the islands they have fail. I am Ranking 2 for now because of that. I feel sad for them when at the end they will be Ranking 10-20 when they can be Ranking 1st :slightly_frowning_face:

Yes, you are right bro… Flare did not announced the changes in the live game and most of the players are unaware of the new changes. Even in my alliance all players were not aware except me and I informed them all about it.

Poor new players who gonna try now the Ninja Event. No chance they can reach Rank 1. I am Level 107 and be at tier 2500 and its hard. I have no idea how forge they give to the Sniper Tower but I die. Something like 12 of Range. they shoot at the tent. I don’t have take chance Monk,Healing Aura and Tammy. Too much crazy. I don’t want see what happen in tier 3000+

hey just for clarifications, I had a raid in 23 and then finished 24.

repeated 23, now my board shows 25/30…is it going to be 31/30, if all goes well or even 32/30, or i have lost an island because 6 more raids need to be done.


No you have correct. +1 try up at 25/30 and +2 give 32/30

Spamming knights and hide among them is usually your best option