New lows of titan league cheating

Over the times in TL there have been many ‘tactics’ for one team to take advantage over another by use of the rules of the game, whether it’s the classic ganging up or the sometimes common open defences and weak GK’s. Some say that if it’s allowed in the rules then it’s not cheating……well here is the definition of cheating below.
Now consider the laws of a country. If all eventualities had been considered there would be no need for new laws ever, but as in life people in games seek to exploit situations to an unfair advantage or gain. On many occasions the law ‘implies’ things that should not be done but these unwritten rules may remain unwritten despite the law being clear.
Now consider this game with its rules (laws). Whereby a league is made and prizes given for who climbs upwards in the league. The rules imply that you should win where possible and gain torches. There is no rule that says you can’t give away your islands, but why would the developers ever consider giving a way an island as an advantage; well they didn’t foresee this clear advantage. For this reason open defences and weak GK’s, are a tactical choice and not actually a cheat as the aim of the alliance purposefully weakening their defence IS to move further UP the league by gaining the bonus torch.

Recently @CaptainMorgan has stated that there will be changes made to wars to make it harder for cartels to swapping islands for enhancements, open defences and all that. So we know that we are not supposed to give islands away, it is implied from what the devs have said in the past and the format of the league table. Giving away islands is cheating. GIVING AN ALLIANCE 9 FOR NOTHING IS RIDICULOUS!

Now as we speak the well known Texas cartel of Texas Blood Heroes, Texas Phalanx, and Spartan Wars have gotten together and formed a not so secret pact allowing Texas Phalanx to gain all islands possible +6 and for the 3 above named alliances to ‘fight hard’ to gain 12M victory points for +3 bonus torch. (we can currently see several Jason and Artemis GK’s right now from Texas! But we I won’t specifically name players)
Many suspected this would happen as Texas have many times looked beyond tactics to seeks an unfair victory, it’s literally in their Texas blood.
They sensed CCCP/Nova and Boom had a harder (real) war and could then gain though cheating all the prizes that come with a top 3 finish (probably 1st) Anyone with an ounce of knowledge of this game will wonder how with 12M Vps scored could the weaker team win high skull islands from the other 2 stronger alliances. Yes indeed it must have taken good planning and coordination for Texas and Spartans to not accidentally block certain islands access for Phalanx!

So I post this now many hours before the end of the war as we already know the outcome from some honest players in some of those alliances mentioned above. It is hard to corrupt and blatantly cheat with 150 people all agreeing.
I submit a ticket for cheating to FG with supporting evidence, but to anyone reading this you will know Texas Blood Heroes and SW are considerably stronger than Texas Phalanx and even a General such as Napoleon couldn’t win by that margin on a map where islands are hard to win and keep.

@CaptainMorgan I ask you to take action against these cheating alliances as giving away torches (9 + big VP’s) is a massive advantage, and further makes this war league a joke. I suggest removal of ill gotten torches and consideration should be made to relegate one of those obviously colluding alliances with the same Texas name. You want our alliance and others to spend quantities of gems winning battles but for Texas Phalanx to have a free picnic all the way to #1!
I hope your changes to the war system arrive soon before Texas and the regular posters claiming to have the interests of the game in mind actually destroy the game completely.


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gerund or present participle: cheating

act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage.
“she always cheats at cards”

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here we see the current +5 torches for Texas P, while big Texas is 198 (ie less 2, they were -3 very early on in the war.

After 3rd war…surprise Texas P gained +9 as known they would, how did we know???


In other words we are by far the weakest team in this war.

Which year is it?

Last war, in a 1v1, we met Nova (current 3rd place). We won the 1st round, lost the 2nd round, draw in the 3rd round. In overall 0-0 torch. They “won” the war by 10K VP, thanks for their 2-skull defending island in the 2nd round. Had all furies been spent in 1-skull only we would have won that war, since we fought all war in 1-skull.

Heck, in that 2nd war, despite staying all war in 1-skull against one of the “top” teams we scored more than BooMz.

Thanks for reporting with all the “evidence”! All we can see in the picture above is the question of how the heck that a weak team like yours is up there in 2nd place? All your arguments are built around how “weak” Phalanx is. Ridiculous! THAT is a new low of using fake arguments just to make your point!

I’m glad you haven’t denied cheating. Would make you look even more foolish. Such a sad moment when a play as good as you are can stoop so low for prizes you don’t deserve.
We are way ahead of Nova this war, they aren’t as strong as you believe even though they beat you last war! Further supporting my argument.
I also gave my word to a friend that names/ conversations would not be posted. So it went straight to Fg via complaint of cheating.
You have some audacity coming here and claiming innocence, given anyone who has played more than a week can deduce the obvious from even the screenshots.
Fooling nobody. I will say no more to you dishonest players, enjoy your golden GK, will always look brown to me through dirty cheating tactics


You clearly didn’t know how to read properly, or you really try to deform the truth. Whatever! BTW, very scientific way of measuring strength of a team in a 3-way war. Try to beat them in a 1v1 then we talk. But you already know the outcomes of such war!

Why do you address it to me as a person? Phalanx is a team of 50 players, you know. I am not our war commander. I am the forgemaster and my role is to raise a big and strong army. Can’t be done in 2 months but we are on a good track. I’ve always tried to use FACTS for my arguments. Have you ever seen me lying?

I LOVE how you insult ppl just because they are part of the said war. But YOU, with open defense, to give all 3 islands to a much weaker team, was OK.

I love it, Phil! Go ahead. Everybody who reads this knows who you are. The more you talk, the clearer it becomes.

I don’t understand why we go down to these levels … If the Texas and companies want to win this way why deny them? We all know that it is all false… In my opinion we should open all the defenses and not attack as soon as we meet them and wait for Fg to do something … so much lower than this could not fall this system … I would also suggest to open the play store during this wait. Unfortunately the war system is too much unplayable.


I don’t understand either. Let’s have a look at the current situation:

The strongest team in the field don’t even try to fight back. 2v1 (against the strongest of course) and they don’t even react, just let the weak team win everything. That weak team also took advantage of the situation where two strong teams fought against each other to take free torches in the 1st war. Hey, @TheSicilian you know what I am talking about!

I am not suggesting any “deal” here (but I am not dumb). So why all these drama? Are you afraid? Of what? Of the possibility of losing the

while being by FAR the weakest team among the contenders? Pitiful!

Are you trying to say we gave away islands! What! I’m not in control of other alliances, but we capitalised on a Nova mistake and took their 2 skull when they had the vps to defend it, we also had several strikes to defend at the same time. Has been an immense war tactically, we became offensive towards Nova at the right time.

They were defending/overcooking a 3 skull that we attacked as a diversion, we eventually we near all spent at this point and still had to defend a glad strike. Yes they are pretty weak due to having cartel wear them out over past 10 seasons, not my problem

What has been spoken about in this topic and described is above is complete cheating and nothing to do with normal island play as we have had with Nova. They fought well, but tactically a little wrong. You guys are trying to steal prizes, simple. Don’t try and deflect your guilt. Capt M can close this topic due to arguments, but the truth is here and known by all that read it.


Hey friend. What are you saying? Are Texas and Spartan giving you 9 free torches and u still discussing?
Anyway. I really hope your Phalax alliance wins the championship at least you’re all happy with the cartel. And I repeat … depending on me I would let you win all the championships that will come like this … for free…at least it seems you just like to win so … you happy! Thank you for ruining the game…I will try to convince my teammates to let you win all the championships for free as you like … at least I hope you get bored as you have bored everyone.


Why do you still refer to me in person in this matter? I’ve said that I am not the war commander. I am a mathematician, not a politician.

I responded to Phil because I am just sick of the drama created by a guy who’s in a bottom-half in terms of strength in TL, yet his team will end up 1st after the 3rd war. 1st place by fighting in the back of the strong teams in 1st and 3rd wars, and winning with a miserable score against a very weak team in 2nd war. All these drama asking for withdrawing the torches from our team

this^, a very reasonable and diplomatic request! All that because he’s afraid of confronting us in the last war (big chance) and see his golden GK dream gone with the wind!

I am out of this ridiculous “discussion”.

It’s weird that I didn’t see you say anything when GOW gave torches to HeROeS to gift them 1st place.

Considering we were 1st place going into the last war it hardly altered the standings, also we didn’t give anything away. Also we beat Texas 1v1 that season and were even capable of fighting against CCCP who were somewhere behind in torches.
You alliance fighting hard to give away maximum possible torches and VP’s (so may as well call it 10 torches you’ve given/ conspired to cheat with Texas P ) you don’t distort this season, so literally re-write it as you see fit. You crossed the line by a long way, thought no one would notice or speak up! Least you aren’t denying you cheated, denial is the first step on the road to recovery.

I responded to you in name at first because you replied to my original comment, no names were mentioned specifically. As for drama. Theft of 10 torches and stealing prizes with free islands and no contest is CHEATING, that’s why I have asked the devs to take action. I defined my post, the evidence is there for anyone to see (in addition to that sent direct to devs). How far are you going to take your dishonest actives. You’ve been found out, that is all, and that is why you are angry. It’s your fault you did this not mine. Blame FG matchmaking and your big Texas brother for not attacking us 1st war.


All I see here is that you’ve done it too, and now you’re complaining about it. :+1:

I’ve never given away island ever. So now you lie and are a cheater. Want to continue.


Your alliance won first place because you were gifted islands from your ally. You would have ended up 2nd or 3rd if you had fought. But that wasn’t cheating? I take your word for it. Good talk, Phil.

Ah so now I didn’t steal them I was given them…that’s a turn around from ‘you’ve done it too’. As I’ve said Boom have not given away islands for free, normally we’re ganged left right centre so cant afford to even if we ever considered it or we’d be relegated.
You fixed the league this season, you couldn’t let luck of the FG draw take its natural course, and just saw fit to collude with the cartel. 9 torches + added Vps is no small matter.

I have said all I need to say here, the regulars will continue to muddy the waters and try and divert attention away from the new level of cheating going on. I’ve said what’s needed to be said.


You responded to a conversation I was having with the Sicilian, but yeah, you were on the receiving end of islands being gifted (by him). It takes two to tango.

Friend dumpster
You are always very funny with your anecdotes … You are right … the tango is only danced in 2 … but the Lambada that you propose with your 7 cartel teams is so creepy and bored… especially when you exchange islands look like when you exchange roses with your mouth … Joke :smiley: …but not too much…


I don’t think something changed if the heroes or someone else won … it was always a false season manipulated by the cartel … so why discuss it? With the Gow we have only altered the system that you created with the cartel … and I see that you still burn with that experience …

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Hey, we tried fighting you 1on1 in the first war but you didn’t want to play that way.

Yes and we fought together … don’t you remember the 2 skulls we got on you? But then we had hispanos against and so we had to turn for preserve the islands that we had conquered from u.

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