New lows of titan league cheating

It happens :slight_smile:

Everything looks perfectly fine, this is the game we play. I guess there are two types of people, maybe 3. People who adjust to the game, and well… others!

P.S. I’m in CCCP for those reading this and don’t know, or to have a context of my post when it’s needed.

Edit: Not directed at you @Prebster, it’s a general comment.

Loving this! I’ve been banging the drums for a while now about the unfairness of the 3 team war and the doors it opens towards cheating . this also confirms that most of the players in support of this system are the ones in favour of the dodgy alliances or as Philstar called them , cartels. This is not a joking matter for the players that spend actual money for this game. THE DEVELOPERS MUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.


It’s not a question of adjusting to a game. People writing here have played a long time and know the game very well. I’m asking for the season to be balanced so each war has the same importance or at least that one war doesn’t totally ruin the season for a team (this could also be the case at the bottom of the league)
The debate here is about two opposite ways of trying to win the league and I’m not passing judgement on either view (in this).
I think the season winner should reflect who is strongest, has the best tactics and a certain amount of luck in the matchups is also ok.
As it is now it’s mostly luck in war 1 and especially 3. There is a huge advantage in having many allies because it makes the chance for “luck” and easier war 3. The 3vs1 In war 1 is more rare now that CCCP haven’t got as many allies left.
I guess I am a different kind of player than you and play for another kind of team. You and maybe your team see no problem in teams (teams spend time training and recruiting good players. Players that set alarms and spend money and time to be at the top) losing everything in one single war!?
“Everything” means the chance for a top rank. I know it’s important for some players to not be viewed as complaining but I’m sure everyone wants a game that is somewhat balanced and I just wanted to come to the aid of CCCP and say last war was very unfair for you guys.

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I made this post long ago

was there any feedback from the devs?

That dont means give nine torches it will be good for the game, for FG and most important for the players.

As I’ve mentioned previously, we are working on ways to reduce the viability of these Alliances joining forces. We hope these changes will come early next year. The first step we plan to take is to reduce the ability of players to create “open defences” for attackers.

I will add some details in another thread, so that you can all criticise or suggest improvements to the first implementation steps we are currently working on.

I am going to close this thread, as I do not want it to descend into argument, and although we are actively moving towards combatting the “cartels” in Titan League, we do not currently consider these actions to be cheating, and it (unfortunately) would be very, very difficult to prove or police this effectively.

We are sorry for the frustration cause by the slow pace of change here, and we hope that we can solve this issue.