New luck perk value. Please explain

So my 135% turned into 85% what does this mean? I don’ get it 

On my iPad, which is not updated, my luck perk is 113.9%.

On my Samsung Galaxy S8, which is updated, my luck perk is 70.75%.

If I add the items up o  the S8, I get a luck perk of 113.87%.

Has luck changed, or just reporting it on the stat screen?

Maybe that means now you have 85% more chance to open a chest? Flare need to give us more information.

I have 9 pro items -  8 gear plus Ceres - which should by 27% luck perk but it is reported as 16.63%.  Definitely need an explanation. 

Its another fail from fizzling flare - all smoke and no fire! 

Also looked at my 5 pro boosts giving 9.61% luck instead of 10 (I think) I thought only items worked differently but neither the luck from items nor pro boosts makes any sense at all now…



now shows the real % of luck calculated for formula

Calculation for multiple items yes but what about the pro bonus? It’s a fixed value but now changed 

All will be made good in 3.8.2. :wink:

See my original bug report:

Pro bonus luck perk is just another pi in a similar calculation. Each pro bonus is 2% luck, so for example, if you have 2 pro bonuses the combined luck perk is 1-(1-0.02)*(1-0.02)=0.0396=3.96%

P.S.: And the same formula is, of course, used to combine item and pro bonus luck perk.