new melee units

I have been playing for ovr a year now. But the barrack’s have only 2 legit mele units.knights ND paladins,bt there are ovr 6 ranged would be nice to have 1 more melee unit other than monsters…lyk pike men or Teutonic knights something lyk that for 2-3 moral

Ghost paladins, invisible for tower attacks. 

“Tanks”, taunt all enemy units/structures, have huge hp, extremely low dmg.

“Pike men or Teutonic knights” hehe someone wants to bring some Age of Empires stuff.


I love the idea, but I want a truely mid-range melee unit. 

Currently we have Knights (1), Paladins (3), then Ogres (12)! 

Give us a mid-range unit.  I want a 6!


My suggestions are:


Assassin: Fast moving, only engages Obstacles, Units, or Ultimately the Castle, does Normal Damage, and has a resistance to piercing. 


Berserk: Carries a shield and a torch and attack the enemy with both!  Using his shield to knock units backward.  He would do Blunt and Fire damage great against buildings and hand to hand units.  Weak to ranged unit.

No buddy we dont need assassin… I suggest roman reigns… It will be cool… 6 morale point for 1 roman reigns and he will spear ogre,ww,mummy and superman punch knights archers and cannons…

Or i think spiderman will be okay… I say he will have 7 morales and spiderman will web and blind ogre and ww…

My last suggestion hmmm let me think… Yesssss manny the mammoth… He will have 8 morales… His power is when 1 is spawn it will rush and hit down barricades and skull towers…

Hope this helped… Thank you


I vote for the Admins to block this troll: Nithin vs

lololol :wink:

Dude, you liked your own post, that’s weird…

And I like Nithin, he’s not a troll, he justs makes accurate observations about your ideas just like me and others like to do too  :slight_smile:

Personally I like Nithin’s ideas as much as Maerique’s, and think they have just about as much potential. They are also humorous, so IMO if you are going to block Nithin you might as well block Maerique. 


Yeah, it’s a pearls and swine situation.

Go on block me… You think i cant create a new account?

And this is a suggestion area… If you have the right to post your dumbass suggestions then i have the equal right too… I am a harsh guy if you want to take this personally then come to facebook i will add you … Lets fight there…


If you’re dumb enough to think you’d actually be blocked because I recommended it, then your dumber than I thought.  And that’s dumber than I can imagine.

But know you’re not making suggestions, you’re just wasting space being a dumb ass. 

*grab popcorn*


Ask your daddy who wasted space… he would tell i wasted my time playing pika bu and after few months a donkey was born named maerique… Now think who is wasting space you maniac

Hey guys calm down, we don’t want to fight almost at Christmas right? 


So if you think an idea is stupid just do not bother to it, otherwise you make only issues.

Hey buddy majority of the guys are here to check about upcoming updates and good suggestions and helps… It irritates when reading this kinda suggestions… Cant hold it anymore… Thats why i put my suggestions… I havent taken this matter seriously yet… If i did that it would have been worse… And for admins and moderators why cant you guys delete these types of posts? Are you guys promoting this stupidity too? Anyway sorry for the trouble… Merry christmas my good fellas

Hey Nithin i know that your comment was sarcastic, i’m not giving the fault to you or at anybody, i’m just saying to moderate language, that’s all.

Also we can’t delete posts about suggestions of people that could be good or not, its their only thoughts…

However there is no reason to take action because Maerique suggest some thing, devs will know what they can implement in-game and what can’t be implemented.

Only because me or others mods/admins do not answer to these suggestion it’s not because we support it or not…

Personally i like read suggestions of any type but i will never block the freedom to a person to share his/her thoughts ^^


You can also suggest a deer that flies in the sky, but it’s obvious that will never happen.  :grinning:

Spartans. Enough said.

How about a soldier with the sword of a thousand truths. It would have instant manaburn and permastun with over 9000