New Mini Update

After server update, the game is crashing constantly on my ios device (right after connected message), even after reboot. iOS 10, iPhone6. I had full chest of money with shield!

same here IOS10 iPhone 6

version RR2: 2.5.4

We are on it.

For the ones affected, please let us know which device and OS version you use, as well as the version of the game.

Crashes on iPhone 6 with iOS 10.0.2 but works fine with iPad 2 using iOS 9.3.5.

RR2 latest version 2.5.4 on both devices.

OS 10.0.2, RR2 2.5.4

Crashes on iPad Air, iOS 10.0.2, RR2: 2.5.4. Pls fix!

game closed during maintenance break

same here on iphone 6s plus 

IOS 10.0.2, RR2 2.5.4

Crash on iPhone 6s and iPad Pro 9,7, both latest iOS Versions.

Game Version 2.5.4

Just wanted to know from the mods whether the reduced time and cost of upgrades is permanent or a temporary event as nothing is mentioned about it in the official announcements 

Same here, iPad Air and iPad Pro 12,7", iOS 10.0.2, RR2 2.5.4

RR2 is always closed during maintenance break.


Did you have the game running at the time of the update, or did you close it while the maintenance was ongoing?

I was not connected during maintenance, I opened the application a couples of hours ago to melt stuffs.

during maintenance, it showed the message: offline … maintenance

Yes, I logged on during Maintenance Time. But only with one of the two devices.


Thanks for the info 

Can’t connect, game crashes on start.

latest IOS 10.0.2

latest game version 2.5.4

What was the info?

I can’t connect 

my game crashes on start … my version game is IOS 10.0.2

-35% for towers waves and workers will be all 7 days???

or next surprise will turn it off???

For one week :grinning: