New Moderators



Were you drunk like eight hours ago? Why were you kicking old topics, just to lock them? :huh: And how did you get moderator while you had like 20 posts before (or less) and now got active all of a sudden? Flare employee?

1.If you have something to say to me you can PM me

2.I think how I become Moderators don’t concern you

3.I lock this topic because there is no reason a topic like this is open



hey warinator …do you work for flare? just get really active and start closing topics…its almost like your forum now…only you are posting and closing lol

Please if you have something to ask me PM me thanks this is not the place for this kind of topic thanks you!

this toopic discusses mods on rr2 forum.  how are they chosen.  why do they keep closing our discussians…is this the players forum or is it flares?

What’s going on her ? Many threads are closed for no Reason. I hope that it stops. Please Aether explain the moderaters the Rules.

Let’s me explain why I close so much topic before people do 1 millions of topic like : ‘what going on?’’

I close topic only if there is 2,3,4,5 topic of the same and I keep only 1 topic open. The majority of time Macamus as create like 1 millions topic about Give me event,What the next event,etc…there is a topic for the event its New event OMG I can’t wait

If I close other topic its because I am sure this topic is so old that nobody gonna answer in like about update 2.0.0 or if someone ask question and he got the answer

If you want you can ask me to reopen old topic if its necessary

if you have other question ask me here :slight_smile:


I don’t know why all this topic this morning but please stop!!!

No not the only Moderators can talk now just when a forum its dead or no one talk for many day sometime I like to come back old topic to make new conversation

I have a lot of time and sometime I like to talk in the several topic to try to revive this forum and if you know me personality in real life I don’t like to talk but when I play a game and  there is a forum, a very good forum like this one. I can talk much but if people don’t like that at this point that disturb you I can reduce my activity

I don’t know why people its so surprise about that? Because i am Moderators I cannot talk about the game anymore?

maybe some of you are not accustom to see someone who talk much who have a lot to say about the game

Maybe some of you are on a forum for the first time i don’t know. each forum have Moderators and each Moderators close,hide,move topic,etc… his our function that all

I can understand many people don’t like when people talk much but again if you don’t like that I express my opinion of many topic and can reduce the number of discussion.


sorry i will syop…i just got a bit bored and tookit out on you. you are doing a good job. please continue.

OK just to be sure all its ok :slight_smile:


Everyone can post, but closing topics when a discussion is not up to date as an event finished for example is normal.

Also, if you have any issues with a moderator’s behavior, please contact me in PM on the forums :grinning:

A moderator should be respectful towards the player as well, so if it is not the case, let me know :grinning:

So what topic are we allowed to post now ? Do we have to get them approved by you first ? How does it work now ? Are we allowed to respond ? Do I have to delete my account now ? 

Don’t panic like this and relax. Nothing change you do like before just make sure you have search carefully and if there is already existant topic open not to recreate one that all

Sorry i am perfectionist I like there is only one topic on each subject. I hate when I see 2,3,4,5 topic of the same. I like to have the most clean forum if possible  :grinning:

Thanks for the answer Warriornator. Plase also leave a justification so that everyone knows.

OK no problem justification why I close them and post link to redirect the topic ok noted :slight_smile:

Sorry its my fault I forgot to present me and to explain my way of functioning

My name its Warriornator IGN : Warriornator 2 (I hate the number 2 after my name :wink: )

I am the new Moderators on this forum

If before in this forum you never see a topic to be close its because maybe no moderators have closing them

My way of functioning its simple if you see suddenly topic closed its because of 2 reason : 

1.Topic as been create 2,3,4,5 or 10 times and I close all the others and keep the last one the most recent one

2.If a topic its old and nobody can answer there like Update 2.0.0 or if someone ask question and he got the answer and no chance same in 10 years nobody answer there

3.If by mistake I close one that I judge not important or I have thinking that cannot be anymore activity in. You can PM me and I reopen old topic

  1. don’t be surprise if you see some topic change section : Like if someone create a topic : ‘‘Bug in a raid’’ in General Discussions then I move to Bugs and Problem section,etc…

from now you know I answer all your question. Don’t change anything continue to answer topic,reply,create,etc…

Enjoy :slight_smile: this forum and have a nice day

I get that, but you were the one that made it look like trash by kicking old topics up just to lock them. If you had locked them without posting a comment it would have been better already. Or even just ignored those topics, since nobody posted in them for over 2 months. I get and agree with your intentions, I think I and others just didn’t think your actions suited the purpose.


edit: But to be fair, what has been done has been done. And I agree this forums could use some more activity, so I’m glad you are here to help out :slight_smile:

With all the cleanup done in this forum, what is your opinion ont the thread merging.

Here is my take on this (from some other thread)

"I really don’t think it’s a good idea to lock everything from the same thematic in one thread. This will create megathread full of unrelated topics. If I need a specific bit of information, I will be mad to have to read trought 15 pages of stuffs only to find that’s it’s not there. 

I mean, there is gazillions of thing that can be discussed about the events, the COF, gold, etc… Megathread will kill the forum activity. Please, don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken."

It seems warrior will do whatever he pleases anyway, no need to discuss anything, he will handle it smoothly, as charismatic as he is.