New modes please

Hey Olympians,

I heard this objection countless times. Many players need a long break between wars but others don’t want that at all. It’s a split.

IMHO, the new war modes are more war variations than “true” modes.

I’ve read this interesting topic from @AriesRising and also many other ones from @Hellslord which give me inspiration.

I would like to see true real-time PvP modes during long breaks between wars.


Truel (duel among 3 opponents):

2vs2 (2-player teams):


My next suggestion is very ambitious… Something that may take over a year to develop… Maybe Olympus Rising version 6.0 or 7.0. ?

I would like to see battles on water! Other than the Odyssey there was the Argonautica (Jason and the Argonauts). There were also some epic Greek naval battles like the Battle of Salamis, the Battle of Aegospotami, the Battle of Arginusae, the Battle of Artemisium, the Battle of Mycale

A few examples of Tower Defense games on water:

Bloons TD:

Viking Invasion TD:

Pirate Legends TD:

Naval Storm TD:

Element TD:

Maybe the devs could implement new resources like Wood and Metal to build the ships? Why not use the extra Dominance as another resource as well? The Ithacan Harbor could be expanded for battlefield purpose.

I really think those new modes would make the game more complete, less repetitive and funner.

Any thoughts?


Wow, @Tomaxo , as always, what an idea & what detailing… AWESOME !!! ???

Regarding 2vs2, we could see new possible friendships…

For example, @vasudeva1 & @dumpster vs @AwesomeDoud & @Wayward ???

hi Tomaxo, for me it’s okay, let’s see what he thinks @dumpster

I would love it!

wayward hasn’t played in a long time, though. I’m not sure if awesomedoud is playing anymore either. 

Soon, new levels will be added to keep high-level players busy (and even more for lower level players ?). I hope that will give plenty of time to the devs to add NEW CONTENT. We desperately need new content.

Hey, what happen when the Gate is destroyed? I can’t believe there’s no protection in the Acropolis. ? Logically I would put a second GK behind  the Gate. We could have a turned-base grid to fight. Since there’s no timer, we could strategically position our troops to counter the GK (no need to nerf LOH, DR, etc.).

I chose King’s Bounty as an example because it’s featuring a GK as well:


tomaxo what game is that of the video? resembles “heroes of might and magic” was my favorite game … “heroes of might and magic 3” the absolute best

Heroes 2 was pretty good also. 

King’s Bounty is considered to be the precursor for much of the gameplay in the HoMM series:’s_Bounty#King’s_Bounty_and_Heroes_of_Might_and_Magic

King bounty series, vasudeva1.

It is good game just heroes and might series.