New monster(s) or troop(s) maybe?

Hi developers/admins, would you be so keen as to add one or two new monsters or troops to the game? I got no specific idea yet. Surprise us! 


There have been such requests already, so unless there are any specifics, this isnt really a suggestion imo… Ill merge that later on. 

Now, in terms of monsters… Have you maxed your current ones already? And if thats a yes, do you use all the types equally often? In my opinion, adding new things would only make it more convoluted and what should be prioritized instead is some balancing, enabling layouts other than charon/nyx and units other than minos, trebs, griffins, spearmen and phoenixes to be widely used both for offense and defense. Otherwise this would be an iteration of adding things for the sake of adding things, something kids do with their toys.

I heard penguins were making it into 4.0. I forget who said it though.

MrCouper I believe. He is usually the one advocating such changes :slight_smile:

:confused: … 


Infamous has a point. :wink:

Why not the Chimera!!! Would be one of the best beasts in the game!! 3 different types of damage at once!

I actually thought of the Cerberus, the 3 headed dog. Lol.

That is actually pretty awesome, Fire, Ice and Poison damages, lol.

I thought of that too, LOL, then I thought “Isn’t that in the game already?”

It is not. :wink:


Hi @Sharknado I have suggested some new troops,heroes and monster in these threads.So you can visit these thread.

Also @CaptainMorgan I am kinda curious why this awesome game does not have any cavalry units like Hippeis (Rider) or Chariots or Scythed chariot or Pegasus or Centaurs. Also Why only one siege unit,I would love to see more siege units in the game beside catapult(sorry I know it reads as trebuchet but it looks like a catapult,No offense @CaptainMorgan

I thought maybe introducing such units is not possible.So I decided not to mention it on the forum as I know you guys are always busy with patches and every update is making this game more awesome.

Thank you for hard work.

I could not agree more but again I suggested it too.I think developers might surprise us in future with some cool mythical beasts. For now I am keeping my fingers crossed and enjoying playing with Artemis and her great Stag but I still do not understand why players don’t like that Stag.She is so cute :slight_smile: .

Thank you @CaptainMorgan For adding Artemis in the game.

we have listed so much new troops in the past : Cerberus,Pegasus,Chimera,etc… can be cool to see in future version some of them. Maybe a Unicorn or can be cool a Cavalry on a horse with a lance. Why not Gold Dragon

@CaptainMorgan you can check the list that can give you some idea:

the list is from Heroes Might and Magic 3 but if you change them a little bit its not really copying them. change the colors or the form a little bit and bingo like you did with Minotaur,Cyclop,Hydra,Griffin,Archer,Phoenix,etc…

I have a big love for the Titan who have a nice place in OR

Welcome back!

@Warriornator Heroes III it was a great game, my favorite units was the titans and naga queen, favorite heroes was Christian, Adelaide and Malekit 

Yeah in the past I played Heroes III during days and month. I don’t count the hours on this game. Maybe over 1000 hours easy.I like it use the map build and add a tone of building +1 and create army of Angel like 200 Angel X 6 and destroy all or I like it so much the Champion 200 X 6 or the Dreadknight,etc… I think I love it all. That why today I love too the King Bounty series games and probably the reason I like Olympus Rising today who have close the same troops