*NEW* Mummy Skin Gameplay!

Hope you like it!

Mummy looks awesome with the skin. 

Plz add two three raids in a video instead of just one. 

It is indeed an awesome skin!

I would add more raids, but there a few reasons why I do not do this. For one, I do not have the right editing tools to shorten the length between the end of an attack and the start of the next. For another reason, it already takes quite a while to upload my videos, even a 3 minute video. Takes up to 3 hours to upload. My internet is really really bad lol. If I added another attack, that’d add another 2 minutes to the video and I can’t have my videos take so long to upload

Thanks for the vid Awesomest.

It is not the Pharaoh mask 'cause you still fully see the mummy’s face.

That headdress is actually called nemes  as I described here:

You seem to like the Egyptian theme… What do you think of my concept of a Pyramid Tower skin? Maybe for the Heal Tower?  :slight_smile:

Hey, you can use this cool track for your other Mummy raids:


Ah, thanks for the info @Tomaxo! The Pyramid tower for Heal Tower looks awesome, eye replaces the hand…Illuminati Skin  


Yes, I was inspired by that, haha.