New mytical creature


Would be great if you could add a new mytical creature in a future upgrade I think would be nice to have Pegesus the unicorn white wing horse so popular in Greek mythology do not understand why you developers did not think of this wonderful creature to be added in your game it would be amazing to have it.



El Chupacabra would also be a spooky addition. 

I believe there are new mythical creatures added already… FG representatives letting us know what the hell is going on. 

I also think of the Titan creature the kraken or centaurs.


Bigfoot would be extra dangerous I think. He would have a bonus to hide in the woods. 

I’m thinking a giant cockroach, as he will feel at home with the other bugs here :slight_smile:

Or Big foot XD

I just said that!

Cerberus (x3 time needed for converted by nyx because of 3 heads) ?