New Ninja Event?

Now war is nearly over. - For me it was a disaster. Half of my allianc didn’t play. 

Ninjas are ahead.

I ask myself:

  • will there be new islands? New design?

  • what about the balancing of ninja islands? Are they tested? Tested by those E-Sport guys? Tested to give us fun?

They definitely have to change things. If they don’t, they have to remove the gate towers

The two top players of my alliance were absent from leaving the alliance and one no longer played.

The alliance war is also quiet.The total skull point is less than half of the heyday.

There is no pleasure to earn. System of allied war,We got bored Whether we can not compete…

Could you change it to another event that everyone can enjoy?

RR2 will fall out of the middle alliance in this way.

Of course the leaders and general who were there were exhausted at that point. I do not have the choice of other alliances.

They will be the same.


Everyone can enjoy Ninja. There are also festivals.
This is what supports the motivation of new users.


Finally, Ninja is back! Really missed that event! I don’t understand why it took so long to have one again. If anything, I would have thought there would be ninja events as frequent as before and alliance wars less frequent (since they are more similar to conquest in terms of battles). Maybe they took some time to update the ninja events, which would have explained it took some time, but I don’t see changes with the event so far today. 

Anyway, happy to have ninja back! Hopefully we won’t have to wait as much from now on for it.

Btw: they obviously forgot to upgrade the tower.levels ?


We were beta testing conquest mode, that’s why. When that is finally fixed and finished we should have ninja more often. Or not, who knows.

We had alliance wars while we were beta testing conquest mode. Doesn’t explain why we had the wars and not the ninjas.

Dang, i missed the ninja event already

you’re absolutely right. I miss you too. ?