New ninja/ zombie mode

Hello to all,
The ninja/ zombie mode now is no longer just a personal war, all the alliance takes the field … I was wondering under what parameters change rewards for the entire alliance!


The Alliance rewards depend on the Alliance level.

The Defense Zombie level depends on the personal tier of each player.

The amount of Zombies available in defense depends on the Alliance tower level and the path length.

its a shame you tied it to alliance …cuz i dont play your gate tower event

Considering that the event is now an alliance event can you guys cut out the cooldowns because there are some very busy people who will not have the time to complete the islands and then the alliance will lose out because of them. And its not fair to “force” people to use gems. Please address this issue. 



Yes flare please remove the cool downs, as Imanoob says we are busy people,  and need to be able to battle when convenient to us. 

And regarding players spending gems in the chambers of fortune, I would never expect members of my Alliance to do that. 

It should be entirely voluntary. 

I don’t like the idea of completely removing the cooldown, what would be the point of 3 days of event if people will be able to finish it in a few hours?

It doesn’t take too much effort to finish in 2 days.  

Also it probably only takes about 75% alliance participation to get defense zombies. 

thanks Alysea,

  • i have an other quastions, if i play in alliance “example” and i exit during the event?

  • if i won with my alliance all rewards and i change this after event? I have the ninjas or zombies in path?


the possibilty to remove couldowm is good, but in 30h this event is finish, we have 64h total, is inutil to remove the time… I see more people reanch 300+ K in a few hours, but never total max points… They fight all island and wrong ever because so fast!

Well it should be up to you hoe you choose to do your event.  If you could do all right away no one is forcing you too do it in one go

it seems to be a great event ! A defense one, at last ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Even if u dont spend a single gem for speed up u have a whole day extra time to finish the event.

If you leave an Alliance during, the coins you earned stay with that Alliance (Confirmed from another post)  New members have no cool down before being able to earn coins for their new Alliance.


I think being able to have defense zombies depends on if that Alliance met the target.  There is no personal target that would follow you around.

The event is so good now in my opinion it can replace the war event (not really - rather improve the war event also).

I would just ask that the tier competitions also show the amount of battles done / total  in the same way as in the alliance leader board. There is no way to know your true position in terms of the other players without this feedback. 


You should test it out and tell the rest of us.  :slight_smile:

My opinion is you should loose your rewards. It will address the jumper problem so many leaders complain about

I think rewards of the current alliance apply.