New obstacle- pit of Hades

Seeing as it’s a day of suggestions it seems… we are lacking path obstacles, as we only have one type of thing to impede movement along the path.  Soooo

New obstacle  - PIT OF HADES

Covers a single square, acts mainly as a slow down of troops and hero. Also deals damage proportionate to it’s lvl.

Some units are slowed less, such as siren/phoenix, etc.  Some are slowed more trebuchet, spearman, etc.

I would put this as a type of tower choice rather than barricade type choice otherwise it would make raiding even easier than it is already.


This should appear as a semi phased opening to the underworld, showing the hands/upperbodies of souls imprisioned in hades clawing at the hero/troops as they pass over.  Scary stuff. Image as a starting point to get an idea


Don’t ask for such things philstar ,I already find raiding the bases of any player from league of Titans difficult and now these pits will make the task almost impossible.

You know chiron,siren, phalax wall and chaos gate.

Plus forging system is now super nerfed while now every base is filled with blessings.

I want developers to fix the Forging system and refinement process than they can add other new features.

@Philstar what if they could rename the “Chaos Gate” with this? Instead of those black holes, the hell tries to slow down the army and hero itself.