New Pal in game

do u know sth about white dragon ? ‘Dr.Razz’ has it. and what is his special power ? maybe white magic (sth like ceres)

The white color is from the Pal Skin package you can buy. It’s just Eldrak or Nidhogg in white

are you sure the dragons can be change in white ? 

Yes. With the new Pal Package in the shop right now. All pals can now have white color

Some pals/beasts can be changed into white, yes. But it can happen only if you bought the white colour skin. 

i know it but i thought its only for bears , owls, bucky, wolfs and foxes

I think first offer was only for certain pals’( it was an offer containg gems and it would all go for charity) but I think after some time there was a brand new offer (not charity one) that would offer white skin for more pals (with no gem offer either). I’m not entirely sure though.

Nonetheless, at this point any white pal is just a bought skin. It will not affect its stats or ability

i know i know. thanks for help :grinning: