New Pal: Prince Pal!!

The prince pal would look like a true knight, with a knight’s helmet and all, looking quite different from a paladin, however. The prince would have an Arblaster’s bow and his special ability would be a charge with a spear! The charge would be like a Bladestorm, ripping through Blockades and barricades while dealing some extra blunt damage to towers on the side! I know that you may be thinking that the pal would look too familiar to the Pal-A-Din, but looks are not what matter. The prince should be made in ALL GOLD armor! 

The beast would be awesome to have in defense with it’s charge ripping through your opponent’s offense! Thus the name of this beast would be “Painful Prince!”

My first thought when I saw this topic title was a toddler in diapers flailing and rolling around in random directions. He’d chase butterflies and stuff too.

That is a cool idea ill be curious to use it if its added because i do like to charge at towers my self :slight_smile:  althought i would like to see how they animate it :slight_smile:  plus it would add a whole new level to raids with not troops but what would be the stats for the beast

So the Concept would be similar to Fritz then. Having another one like that would be cool as well I Think 

for now the pal was just animal. Can be cool if Flare can bring human or creature pals : Like a Magician,Knight,Griffin,Cerberus,Hellknights,Sucubus,etc…

Too bad, flare won’t allow this one (because they’re prudes and everything).

There is the Pal-a-din