New Pal: Turtle Pal

Why not add a new pal. We haven’t had a pal with the Slowdown effect, why not have the turtle do that. It would make sense. Maybe it would deal normal damage with its bite and then cast a Time Warp!

It’s ok…For having slowdown is okaish…Cause we don’t have a pal having that special effects (slowdown of tc) but time warp? No way…Pal will be over powered

And by the way, Turtles are cuter than Octopuses @GalaMorgane :wink:  



Maybe just a short Time warp like the Warp Rift Mummy @KrishnaKabi. Not a 15 second Time warp, but more like a 3-5 second effect

Then might be. Lets see what is in the box  :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s cherry picking :stuck_out_tongue: