New Pal with Bonus Luck

Currently when I’m doing my general raiding for Gold, the only Pal I use is Kaiser because I want the bonus Gold.

That’s disappointing, before Kaiser I had options.  Now the only reasonable choice when I need Gold is Kaiser. 

But if they added a new Pal with Bonus Luck, I would have choices. 

Either more Loot from the Raid, or more potential Loot from the Chamber of Fortune.

I’m suggesting this Pal is a variation on Bucky because Rabbits are Lucky. 

And since we’re doing cute and rhyme-y!  I’m going to say we should name him Lucky!

Since this is intended to give us options Lucky’s damage and skill should be totally different from Kaiser’s. 

Kaiser is: Blunt Damage and Sonic Blast. 

Lucky should be: Piercing Damage and a new Skills, a Ninja-like Dash.  In Lucky’s Dash he’ll hit multiple troops (or one troop repeatedly if there are limited targets), and he does a ton of piercing damage. 

So Lucky is great against Troops, where Kaiser is great against Structures!

Okay we will discuss the idea, thanks for suggesting :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the response and activity.  We as a community really appreciate it.

I changed my mind.

I think he should dash around super quick (like a rabbit).

And do piercing damage. 

So he’s good against Knights, Skeletons, Frosters, etc…

In Nonstop Knight there is a skill (spell) called Slash. It does the same thing that you are talking about. Dashes around killing troops. I think this would actually be an awesome ability for a pal to have

I re-edited the original post to reflect the evolution of this idea.  :wink:

Basically to make Kaiser and my new Pal “Lucky” completely different.

Kaiser is (and should always be) great against Structures!

So Lucky is great against Troops!

Kaiser is: Blunt Damage and Sonic Blast. 
Lucky should be: Piercing Damage and a new Skills, a Ninja-like Dash. 

Love this!! Lucky is a bunny as well!!! Goes perfect with the way that flare rhymes the names of similar pals

Don’t make this a pro pal, but one unlockable in an upcoming Easter festival. It is fitting and fitting for this pal. 

Hope in April 1st will we have a easter festival with a Rabbit with Slash ability or why not speed ability like Flash and destroy all.

Awesome idea. I love it

I want this one…

Will this pal come in Easter Festival ?

Even will there be any Easter Festival ?

After this one, I want this pal at anyhow and please make this pal



Good idea - would be very useful