New pal with sliding special attack

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Right now Fritz is the only pal with a sliding special attack.

Personally, Fritz is by far the most fun pal to play with and the biggest part of it is exactly the sliding attack.

There are other great pals that are at least as effective as Fritz (such as Aska and Ceres, or maybe even Irmgard), but none of them slide. They feel a bit boring to play with in comparison. The gameplay style they provide (a big army is needed and the Hero is supposed to protect it) makes them not as fun to play with. They’re very strong pals though.

With the right setup, Kaiser and Phoebe (and probably others) can be pretty effective as well, and although they provide a similar gameplay style as Fritz (more Hero dependant and without a big army surrounding it) they’re definately not as fun.


Let me be clear that I’m not talking about pal power/strength/effectiveness here. I’m talking about playstyle and fun while raiding.


I don’t know if Flare is looking to create new pals right now, but a new sliding pal in the game would be very welcomed.

Fritz is definitely the funnest, cutest, and perhaps the best pal in the game. I agree that another sliding pal would be fun to have, though…nothing can be more cute than Fritz :lol: 

Why not add Griffin Pal who can fly or Tiger Pal who can jump. I agree if pals can have more animation. Personally I would like if they can change Kaiser. If the pal can stop follow the king but can move a little more free by their own. By example if the pal see a wave of unit who coming then can move and destroy them and not be forced to move because the pal can’t act by their own

Make them less dumb in a way. If you use tammy can run and heal a unit who need heal if the unit around are all full.

X (you are here and troops are full)

O O (troops who need heal like some feets away)


if you use Archimedes the pal can see you are in trouble and get attacked by a Skull Tower.

X  O ( you who get in trouble by skulls Tower)

X x O (Archimedes will cross the other side and stun Skulls tower)

So for each pal can be more fun if some of them can be more animated and less puppet you control who follow your feet

or by exemple

(-------) (Castle)

o       o

o       o

    X (Pal here with the King and must wait like a ***** because if the king come to close to the gate the pal will destroy the gate)

So can be more interesting if Pal can see a tower by their own and destroy it. Kaiser by example can reach a corner and cast Sonic Blast and destroy tower there