New Pal

A new pal that we can get in an upcoming festival would be great! A snake pal or something. But the special ability would be spawning a decoy!! I’ve been playing Nonstop Knight, and there is a spell the casts a decoy clone, it is very useful and draws ALL the troops to it. None of the troops attack your hero until the cooldown of the decoy is gone. I think this would be awesome, tell me your thoughts

a snake pal with poison spell with slow down perk would b decoys nd stuff it not suitable for the game since non stop knights nd rr2 are completely different with their playstyle

Yeah I requested the Snake Pal a while back…never made it to the game :slightly_frowning_face:

 I see what you mean, you could say that Decoys would make attacks a lot easier than they are right now (with the cannons shooting at beasts and all)