New pal

Anything about the new pal Janus?? 

Nothing yet beside his name rhymes to “Bonus”

*I see you…*

Its a mix if basilisk and portal scroll…not a bad pal imo, 6sec portal at level 7…good for cheap combo, Aska and Ceres better for heavy combo or monk based combo

He opens a Hole … excellent.

Portal could actually be quite useful in dungeons. The problem with Janus is the petrification. We were finally getting out of the horrors of the Stone Ninja’s and we get THIS. A pal that can make your attack awful and great at the same time!

These new things with Petrification is like those commercials about medicine

“WARNING! There could be major side effects including: Loss of time, loss of life, loss of troops, misuse of spells, and a heavy stream of migraines”  :wink: :wink:

Ceres is better 

what about aska?? I have lv 2 aska , i am not upgrading aska because when i used him to test his ability he is producing knights only . Does it pro duce another troops at higher lv ,…

aska produces whatever troops you have selected on your left slot(s)

Yes and from what I’ve seen, Aska looks better than Ceres, because Aska gives you troops and Ceres just gives you troops IF you have troops. So if you are rushing and have no troops, then Aska is DEFINITELY better. Even when a beast is taking apart your army Aska is better

But Ceres also has fear and gives a Pro bonus, for what that’s worth.

I think the j is silent

No, actually it’s like a Spanish J, it makes an H sound. So it would sound like heinous :wink: