New Pals. Change Ally name. Search by nationally


Points to improve the game (imho):

  1. New Pal, a turtle, with slowing Power. 

  2. New Pal, a chinese dragon, with increase XP Power

  3. The possibility to change Ally Name, at least one time

  4. The possibility to search players by nationally (and their language too)


1 , 3 , 4  Already been suggested much earlier.

And  makes no sense.

respect other opinions otherwise also your answer doesn’t make sense. thanks

Why does a pal with XP bonus make no sense?

Very interesting ideas

@Domikick Beacuse it will be of no use for players that already are at full level or about to be full.

And Pal should be useful for everyone.


A posibility for changing name for gems would be good. First time - 2000 gems, second time - 3000 gems and so on… 

By that logic xp gear and war bonus xp shouldn’t be in the in the game because maxed players have no use for it.

It’s nice to give maxed players new things to do but I’ve seen enough examples (in other games) of how that increases the gap between maxed and non-maxed players, or is even at the latter’s expense. Throw a bone for the weaker players too sometime.

i like the turtle pals idea