New payment option

Hi Kings and Queens. 

-I’m new guy on forums so don’t mind me if I do some newbie mistakes. -


I have seen many players complaining about the payment option, many of us don’t own a credit card, so it would be nice if we could buy the gems in some other way without using credit card.


Many games have the option called ‘pay by mobile’  or using mobile credit to purchase in-game stuff.

So new payment option pay by mobile should be added to Royal Revolt 2 . 


What do you think ? 





Hi there,

if you don’t have Credit Card, there is another option,

Use Itunes gift card if ur playing in IOS,

Google play card if ur in Android,

Microsoft xbox card in ur a Windows player

Hope it helps… :slight_smile:

Also , you can use your phone account on windows.

ate hoje não consigo fazer nenhuma compra pelo cartão :slightly_frowning_face: