New perk idea?

So I was thinking about resistances on statues.

here are some thoughts,

  1. What if a new perk was added, let’s call this one penetration- reduces opponents resistance by a %. ( perhaps allow it to stack and have it be a like 5 second debuff) ( or allow it to target a specific resistance ie. Poison so that using hydras becomes more effective for you personally).  Also I was just thinking hero statue but if it’s a specific then it could effect the whole map.

  2. Critical hit chance. Allows a chance to deal double or triple damage on hero statue only.( perhaps troops but no area damage and no structures). ( perhaps combining the two so that you have a chance to bypass a resistance entirely)

  3. Thorns for lack of a better word, where it’s not based on damage received and rather a damage that counters life on hit? 

Just some quick thoughts, didn’t find a mega thread for this, but didn’t look hard either.


thought of another thing, perhaps allowing players to add/change  poison fire and electrical damage to weapon spots, that would help Ajax with gatekeepers at least.   

“Critical Hit” as new perk!

I personally think this would be great, as demolition performs during the path, Critical Hit could be applied vs GK Only, dealing like ×3 the normal hit of the hero, so if we have a Hercules with 20k Loh, he can deal 60k of CH, this will help lots of heroes that don’t have fire/poison/ice/thunder perks in their spells such as Ajax, Achilles etc.

(Also to avoid Exploits, heroes must be equipped Only with 1 item that has this perk, not rings).

Range boost perk? It would boost range for troops and powers(Talos,Okeanos,Siren needs some range boost…).

Talon and okeanos are both good spells. 

I agree,these are strong powers especially against certain troops and towers. High value range perk (high %) would give interesting effect of Talos on Nyx in a parallel path,for example.

I know the main sugestion are perks which will facilitate the fight against statues,but here is another sugestion for perk for casual battle.

Anathema perk. It will give certain % of chance turning enemy troop to our side after its demise with 50% of it’s health points.

I want thst effect or long range to Prometheus pyro spell.

I mean why it can’t hit nyxs towers in corner @CaptainMorgan?



It used to not be able to hit nyx towers at all!

I like @HeliosSRB idea,  but as a base power on a new hero Persephone, where she acts as a necromancer, raising dead units in their skeletal form with 50% health, 20% movement bonus 20 % phys res. New animations required for all troop types etc.

Now  I’d like a mastery for execution (maybe max 10%) which kills troops outright on hit including phoenix (no rebirth)

Perk - ‘nyx drain resistance’ (which covers troops/hero morale drain) % to be considered. 

‘legendary hero’ perk raises troop stats. (to be considered)