New Perk Ideas

I’ve been thinking about some potential perks - that I think would spice up the game a bit.


  1. Divinity  - Grants a chance percentage that when a Hero casts their signature power - they receive the invocation version instead.

I think this would be a pretty fun surprise while raiding.  Should be capped off at 20%.  However maybe double this for Defenders - so may actually make spell caster defenders worth while.


2.  Channeling - When equipped on a Hero Statue / Defender - has a chance to cast non-signature powers. 

(I’m getting really tired of seeing Perseus all the time as the GK - this might allow for some build diversity.)


There is so much problems ?? with some of the existing perks.

I think it would be better if developers fix them first before introducing new perks in the game.

Also the divinity perk feature exits in game if you cast frenzy invocations then it doubles up the the damage of every spell.

Actually it’s worse : it’s 3x the damage (200% of additional damage, tested with Damocles vs. Barricades).

Yeah but that costs 15 gems or so … and lasts few 10ish seconds (unless you also exploit the bug)… divinity is a chance proc - that only works with that particular hero’s signature power, with no cost of gems.