New Perks: Blunt and Piercing Shield

New Perks: Blunt and Piercing Shield

For some reason I don’t understand, the masters at FlareGames chose not to allow us to have: Shields against Blunt or Piercing Damage.

So I’m suggesting at least give it to us as a perk on the armors: Helmet, Pauldrons, and Armor.

Gotta agree with you on this one…

I like this idea… a few others I’ve heard, just thought I’d pass them along, not sure I personally think they are good ideas: 


Reduce the cooldown of a select spell

Increase the range of a select spell


I love the Increase Range (and reduce cooldown) that’s better than my original idea!

I have to agree, i was always surprised why it doesn’t exist blunt and piercing damage resistances. But maybe they didn’t add them because otherwise the king could be too much strong versus all type of damages? May be…Or because if they added those 2, some towers (example skull tower) and some troops (example arblaster) could be totally useless if the king had all type of resistances ^^