New place for attack

Hi l suggest a place for attacking each other at the same time and spend gold for attack with no time limit for event. for complete this suggestion please comment your ideas. 

When there is no war and other place that you spend wisdom to attack ,and in that you spend ambrosia your opponents is far away more powerful then you, there is no place for attack and game became boring sorry for my bad English.

I love this game i hope you never shut down it


it’s an interesting idea, but it brings to mind Star Wars: Commander, a tower defense game similar to CoC. In SWC you would attack with gold. Now, the problem with this, was that players would be able to be online ALL DAY! It cost 4,000 gold to attack at a pretty high level whilst you gained 20-30k every attack. There was no end to attacking and it ruined the game. I have to admit, it was kinda fun having no limit to attack, however, it really cheapened attacks, and I’m afraid that it might do this in OR too. You can always attack in OR and that’s great, but it’s not endless and that’s good. There’s always something you can do in a day, whether or not there’s a War or Odyssey going on

Thank you for reply to this idea

my idea is that add an extra place in the game without any effect on the other places,l played coc for about 2 years and l hated to play it again and any game similar to coc,l play this game for unique idea that it has.

My idea is add an extra area for those are addicted to this game and always want attack and achieve sth to improve thier game with no effect on trophy,l want a place similar to clash Royal or the part of clash of clans that is night.

I dont know what must be prize for the winner of this place, how choose opponent for players,how rate them, attack each other on the same base or separate base,…

Pls help me,thx

@AwesomestKnightest In all due technicalities, with the cost of refills being so cheap you can attack 24/7 in OR too (I did for sure). In fact, you are required to do so to maintain a very high trophy count. And each individual attack is VERY cheap since you only get +3 there whilst being pounded by -15 by most of the attackers. 


@Mamadreza You mentioned Odyssey too (The place wher eyou attack with whisdom). Would you say your idea is still valid if the place you fight in is like Odyssey (So no human opponents but AI bases to kill)? Cause than it can be implemented as a much needed PVE outlet where players that dont like PVP can engage in a way simmilar to the usual 24/7 ambrosia-based grind. 

If you put most of your dudes on ambrosia islands you can pretty much play forever supplemented by video chests. 

It gets pretty boring quick though. 

@Infamous in odyssey you attack to the base only but in my idea you attack to someone that is online and is a human,attack each other at the same time and that one first achieve 100 percent is the winner and if both can’t achieve 100 percent at the time limit that one with bigger destruction will be winner.

@dumpster in ambrosia island if you make mistake you lose trophy and that hurts?

I love this idea.

Like if you could only do a limited amount a day, maybe 5? It would be like a showdown.

This needs to happen.

Something similar to this?


This sounds very similar to the update that was installed into CoC late last year. you would attack a player’s base while he attacked yours. The player that had the better attack won and got gold, elixir, and trophies. Would be quite fun in OR to be honest

we need this feature, and we need real time spectator mode on wars, complete with betting.

Real time stuff is good, agreed. Although granted the previous implementations of considerably less complicated and strenuous features, I am somewhat suspicious if what we get in the end is worth it. Certainly a good thing, so maybe just maybe with all due testing it is going to shine one day.

Weren’t the server load issues due mostly to extra debugging software running instead of the actual server load?

The kickstarter was the abnormally high number of players (so the official version states) and heres the trick: any P2P interaction through the server is considerably more demanding than a Server-Client one we have atm. So in order to drop the server again, on average, we would only need 40% of that wave that dropped it then.


As it usually goes with any tech-related posts, if there happens to be an expert (think @Tomaxo) that is willing to correct anything that is not true in my assumptions - by all means do! I am certainly not an expert myself :grinning:

One positive aspect of live P2P is that the server load could be distributed over the course of the week. There would be hotspots, obviously, but nothing like the first hour of war, where it’s a huge portion of the playerbase all over the world logging in at once.

True! One other thing to go with that is MM by the way. Cause hey, we cant get over trophies in a relativeky straight-forward indirect pvp, god knows what they would use to match direct pvp. I mean, if it is a proper elo rating, then I am all in and see little to no issues (except the usual pay 2 win and stuff, but thats universal). If they are going to invent yet another system that in itself is even slightky controversial, then I see the mobs sharpening their forks and spades, getting ready to rampage, so to say.

Then it’s your job to squash the dissent! Crush it under your heel!

They’d have to call this mode the Colosseum, to be as historically inaccurate as trebuchets.