new place to attack* Great Olympics

The great Olympics is a PvP competition between players for the title of Hero. One cycle of the Olympiad takes a calendar month and lasts from 00:00 on the 1st of the month to 24: 00 on the last day of the month.

Register for the Great Olympics can characters that meet the following requirements:

One hero
Level  ***
…(example. number of Odyssey points 10K+)
…other option

Check out the Great Olympic games possible using … (add building)
Fighting in great Olympics are held 1-on-1 — class and inter-class fights.
The great Olympiad takes place from 20:00 to 24:00 (4 hours) on fixed days.
Olympics cycle lasts 1 calendar month, during this time in the battles players can earn the title of Hero, which will operate the next calendar month after the completion of the cycle of the great Olympics.
In a week you can spend just 30 fights.

The Olympics is not valid % Odyssey clan and military buffs.

The reward for the fight
The reward for a match is composed of points of the Olympics and Signs of Battle. Olympic points go from loser to winner; the more points a character has, the more he can lose. Battle signs are awarded: in all kinds of competitions the winner gets 12 PCs., the loser-7 PCs. 

Award For the great Olympics
There are two main awards in the great Olympics. The first is the Hero status of one calendar month, the second - the Signs of Battle. Signs of Battle can be obtained in exchange for points earned Olympics. Olympic points are awarded for each battle won (immediately upon completion of the fight) and for a place in the overall ranking (at the end of the Olympic cycle). To receive an award, the character must have at least 10 fights (1 victory required) for the Olympic cycle.

Signs Of The Battle
In all kinds of competitions, the winner gets 12 PCs., the loser - 7 PCs.
The character, who received the status of a Hero, gets an additional 30 points of the Olympics (Battle Sign — 600 PCs.) and the ability to Use the weapons of Heroes.

The character who gets the most points of the Olympiad becomes a Hero in his class. If there are several characters with the same number of points, the hero becomes the character who has won more victories. If the characters have won the same number of victories, the Hero becomes a character who has won a higher percentage of victories.

Store Manager of the Olympics, a place where you can exchange the signs of victory …  something )

You can add Olympic Quests. Reward gems.

Olympics: Towards danger! Take part in 50 Contests. The outcome of the battle does not matter. If you take part in fewer Competitions, you will receive only a part of the award.

Olympics: only victory! Win 10 Olympics in a row. If you die or lose, the score will be reset. If you win less than 10 times in a row, you will receive only part of the reward.

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